Adressing our environment for the future!

Today we discussed how not enough people realize whats going on with global warming and our Earth. We, the youth working for a greener planet, need to make our voices heard by getting the message out there. I feel like people are too focused on so many different things now that they are not focused on our Earth and the future. The atmosphere around our Earth is at 390 parts per million CO2 when were actually supposed to be below 350 parts per million CO2 just so that the Earth can support life on this planet!!!. This means that we as a world need to find a way to decrease carbon dioxide and pollution so we can have a future together--and how could we have one apart? We brianstormed ideas for building this cause in Buffalo. We can start Green teams in schools or find ways to recycle and conserve at school and more as a whole. Theirs only one Earth and we need to take care of it before we end it sooner than later. Recently on Saturday November 13 , 2010 we attended an Environmental Congress meeting. Where environmentalist Bill McKibben spoke about what we as a world need to do to help address global warming because it's THE ISSUE anda lot of people seem not to be aware about-some people in US Congress right now dont even believe in it! Now that's crazy. We got the opportunity to interview Bill McKibben and get more in depth with questions. Bill McKibben is one of the most successful activists on the planet about global warming and whats going on with it. He says that our government really doesn't seem to care about the issue so its up to us to rally together and make sure they know that if they arent for the environment then they aren't for us. Now lets go and get some things going, Youth its our future! -- Robert.


Hi all! Today we had discussed outgoing and incoming business calls. The youth enterprise makes professional business calls to stores we provide products to, to set up product demos and to correspond with our suppliers and other vendors. We learned many tips for these calls like How to speak appropriately and clearly,To know your information about your products, delivery times and being direct since most people you'll be calling are busy and for most time is money. We learned not to call people during their most busy hours (early morning or just before closing) and to clarify the points of interest before you hang up.
Its important for everyone on our team to practice making calls to stores. It takes alot more than most people think to make a business call successfully. its all part of building our skills. They come in handy when it comes to job interview's or business presentations or even for school. It can be very good to have on hand some tools for making your communication happen in a pleasing and professional way . Some people are very happy to see you have manners and speak so well. Especially if youre a teen growing up today alot of people think we dont have any. . But I will continue to write again soon .
Until next time ..... Jordan

Hi my name is Robert Moses and I am apart of the business group at Growing Green. We have recently been doing research on how to help address global warming through green technology. The things we have today we still want them but need to find ways to produce them that don't hurt the environment as much. One of these products is the Nissan Leaf. The Nissan leaf is the first mass- produced full used battery electric car from Nissan. Driving a car like the Nissan leaf helps prevent pollution to the environment because it does not depend on gasoline which is derived from a non renewable resource. Also because it runs on electricity so we can use solar, wind , or hydro power to run them. The Nissan leaf is supposed to come out in 2011. The estimated price for it is around $32,780. I think that its expensive I definitely can't afford that but hopefully like cell phones or computers they will be more affordable as time goes on.

The Chevrolet Volt is also propelled by electricity and you can plug it into the wall or there is a special garage charger to recharge it. This is the first Chevrolet you can plug into the wall. The cost for the Volt is roughly around $41,000. Once again something that I can afford lol. The lithium ion battery pack costs by its self costs half the price of a new 2011 Chevy cruze car. I honestly think that people with money are going to be able to buy them but if they don't know about these type of cars then they won't buy them. It's up to the companies and people who know about these products to tell people about them and figure out ways to make it affordable for people who aren't rich. OK that's all I have for today Ill be back another day.
Hello Bloggers If you haven't read my Co-worker Abdi's blog here are some cool facts about Bill McKibben and ways to fight global warming. First off he organizes political actions on how you can help the climate crisis. Like you probably already read Bill has challenged the countries that pollute the most. Sadly enough America we, Yes we POLLUTE TO MUCH! But we are not alone in this crime. He has also challenged China and India too! He wants The Colleges and University's to participate in want he is calling "The Great Power Race"! Doesn't that sound fun? It's a great way to get our countries moving and our Governments focus on our survival. On his web Site you can put in your ideas on how we can STOP polluting. Here are a couple a ways you might already know but are important to DO!:
  1. Car pool
  2. try to STOP smoking
  3. Use PUBLIC transportation
  4. DON'T buy fruits or veggies that are sprayed with TOXIC chemicals AKA pesticides
  5. and last but definitely not the least PLANT trees, plants, flowers and crops, grow your own food!

Bill Mckibben

Hi my name is Abdi Sheikh. Growing Green is excited about the Environmental Congress coming up in Nov. 13th and so we are researching the featured speaker Bill Mckibben. He is an environmentalist and a writer who wants to localize economies. He has been described as the world biggest green journalist and has published books such as The End of Nature,The Age of Missing Information,and a lot more .I read a letter talking about his action plan for this year.The action plan is about trying to solve the climate crisis, so he has challenged the United States, China, and India with A Great Power Race, where college and university campuses will compete to see who can come up with the most creative solutions to global warming. He said hopefully it will catch our governments attention to help decrease our impact on the environment.

MAP Tour de Farms 2010!!!

MAP Tour de Farms 2010 is coming your way. September 11, 2010 Please join us for our 2nd Annual MAP Tour de Farms cycle ride and Harvest Celebration. We take this ride each year to highlight the connection between urban and rural communities in the food system and celebrate the great local food we have in our region. We'll start out in Buffalo visiting different urban farms on the west and east sides of the city before we head out to the countryside. The ride starts at 8:30am and the Harvest Celebration at 230pm at the Oles Family Farm. Register soon for tickets at www.mass-ave.org. You don't want to miss this. Its a 30 mile ride through the greater Buffalo and Alden areas and when the race ends Outer Circle Orchestra will jam with us at the farm.

The Massachusetts Avenue Project and Growing Green would like to thank our great partners and sponsors for the amazing job at our Aquaponics fundraiser August 5th. With 5 different amazing chefs making our Tilapia into lipsmacking entrees, a huge white tent, great music and beverages, it was awesome. We were looking stylish in our professional chef gear. Our fearless leader, Diane gave a great speech talking about how the work that we do is changing not only our community but that we are models internationally for sustainable fish production and ways to train teens about green careers. Chef Rolin awarded us with fancy cook books and he was hilarious! well keep you eye out for us because we are officially on the national scene. Check out some cool video of the fundraiser!!! http://skunkpost.com/news.sp?newsId=2944

The Cookout

The cookout was a hit. There was good music and great food. The skits were all funny and the audience seemed to think the same. After the cookout it turned into a live mini-dance contest. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to all the people that showed up and came to support.

P.S. -The M.C.'s were hilarious !!!


Growing Green Youth Lead Healthy Kids Healthy Communities Visioning Session

Hi Everyone. Growing Green youth Jordan and Adriana led an community health visioning event yesterday at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. It was part of the Healthy Kids Healthy Communities initiative to plan healthier communities. During the event we split up in groups of teen and adults to talk about what we thought healthier Buffalo would look like.The teen groups took pictures about the healthy things in our community and the unhealthy things in our community. We also talked about specific things to change or add to our communities to make a better place for our selves and for our little brothers and sisters. We talked about nutrition and how the healthy food and the unhealthy food that people can get to affects our health. We got to talk all about MAP and Growing Green too--you know we like to brag! lol. Well here's a picture from the event. Good job Adriana and Jordan!

activism week

During activism week we watched hood diet, we watched a film about activists, wrote letters to people on the board, and discussed problems with our schools. Hood diet is a video about 2 guys rapping about local fast food restaurants and how they are bad for us. the film we watched was called "Viva la Causa," and that was about people trying to get human rights. We wrote letters to people on the board to tell them some problems and what we wanted to do about it.

Ole's Farm trip!

Hey world its Polo and Jahon. We recently took a trip to Oles Family Farm. It was a great experience to work on an larger farm. We learned a lot beginning there, we weeded pepper fields and bean fields as well. We learned how to harvest garlic taking the dead skin off and loading it in crates.

Another Wegman's?

Hello again blogger! It's me Natasha and I'm blogging about our Grand new Wegmans that G.G.W is selling at. Jordan and I were at the Wegmans on Losson rd. in cheektawaga, Saturday morning doing a Demo with Zoe. She had made the BEST stuff peppers I've ever tasted! I'm NOT the only one who thought so neither. We were getting comments like, "This is AMAZING" and "Do you have the recipe?". I love the fact that people love our product so much that we are in 7 Wegmans! Another great point from Saturday was that even the Kids liked the stuffed peppers (which had our Amazing Chili Starter in it). Even some of the employee's were excited to taste the peppers. Saturday was a lot of fun!

P.S: The Recipe for Zoe's Rocking Stuffed pepper recipe is on our web-site: WWW.mass-ave.org
Tell me how you like it!


Hi everybody it Jordan and Natasha. Today in the business group we learned about marketing & promotions-meaning how to let people know what your business is selling. We had to create our Marketing plan for next year so we had to think about who would buy our products and how we would communicate with them. We brain stormed about many different marketing techniques used today like direct mailing, public events, logos on clothing and packaging, Bill boards, T.V. Commercials, Brochures, News Paper Ads., movies, celebrity endorsements, cell phone texts, magazines and more. We learned about color theory, symbols and getting a message through to an audience--our customers. Next we had to think about who our audience is and what groups of people would most likely buy our products. Just to name a few we thought: People that support local food, youth-run businesses, urban agriculture, healthy food addicts. These are just some of the supporters we came up with. We can not wait to learn a whole lot more.

This Friday we will be going on a trip to one of Buffalo's LOCAL FARMS.


Plant Life and Ice Cream Sundae

During the week there has been fun activities to do like cooking, eating, farming, learning about photography and learning how to make compost. Everybody participated in the activities and learning about teamwork, it took a lot to be able to keep the flow going and continue to accomplish our goal. We had learned about beginning and the end process of the plant life cycle. Starting from the seed to the full grown plant to become a flower with fruit growing on it. There were three different teams called the Dynamite Dinosaurs, Unbelievable Chupacabras, and the Thunder Hawks who are competing against each other making compost(grass, trees limbs, decomposed foods, horse and chicken manure). As a result of the competition the winning team gets and ice cream sundae yummmmm!!!!!!!!!! As the weeks go by we are challenging each other on our weakness and strength so each of us can become a better person and learn more about one another. After this is over we can have a better understanding of each other and grow from the lesson we have learned from participating in the activities we did. The picture of the flowers were one of the photos we took learning about different angles and positions.

new members of business

Hello! We are the business group and we are ready to learn about the business. Our names are Adriana, Anthony, Robert, Abdi, Joshua, Ahmed, Jordan, and Natasha. We are excited and ready learn about the break even analyzes & business planning. :D
Love, Growing Green Business Group.

The Growing Process

The growing green process has been a wonderful experience for Polo peace and Odessa learning the difference between right, privileges, and requirements. Its also been fun working on the farm and doing creative activities. but for elianys and dalitza our experience has been fun to grow plants and vegetables and drawing its been fun meeting new people and having our laughs here and there.Its cool learning new things in growing green its a plessure to be working here with all these great people.

beginning of the summer!

So far the beginning of the summer has been going good. Growing Green has started the summer youth program with different youth. The group of youth seem very nice but they're very quiet. The new interns are fun and funny. I'm having fun so far with the beginning of this summer. Hopefully the new kids start opening up and start talking so we can get to know each other better and make new friends. I'm hoping this summer is gonna be a good one.!!

-Growing Green Outreach member
-Isis Rodriguez

Senator Gillibrand visits MAP

Today was the first day of the program for all of the summer Youth! We played an exciting name game and got to look at some new faces. One of the more memorable parts of the day was the press conference with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. One of our veteran workers Jordan gave an awesome speech about the program. Diane Picard, The executive director of growing green and the Mayor of Buffalo both spoke at the conference, Which detailed the importance of small businesses in the struggling economy. We have a hot week ahead of us which is off to a great start

Food Security?

Hello blogger viewers my name is Natasha and I am one of the youth that work in Growing Green. Yesterday my youth adviser Zoe was talking to our class about Food Security. What is food Security you ask? Well It is questions inside of a question and in order to get food security you have to ask this questions: 1) Is the food fresh? 2) Is the food Accessible to people? and 3) Is it culturally usable? To put it in a definition format Food security is a state of which all community residents is able to get a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally suitable, diet through a sustainable food system that helps bring community self-reliance and social justice. Does buffalo have food security? well not really there are to many corner stores that doesn't have fresh produce or our communities are not close enough to get to super markets that have better food choices.
Well thank you for reading Blog you next time... Bye! :)


Hi everybody its me Jordan. On Wendesday April 21 we had a specail guest on our farm none the other Ed Cassano, The Senior Director Of the conservation Outreach for the Monterey Bay Aquarium.He came to visit to talk about the aquarium but also some info on the food system itself.He told us about the health hazards of seafood. He handed out pamphlets about sea food. He told us all bout how the fish our bad for us, like how certain fish have to much mercury and how it can be harmful especailly for women. Also how how the fish can be harmful because of the fact that only 14% of the fish that we eat comes from the United States itself. We ship in our fish from other places around the world. Its not like a pepper were you can figure out were it was sold and back even more to where its was grown. Since the fish are not from the U.S. it we have no way too trace it back, and that can be hazardous.But Yes thank you again Mr. Cassano for the wonderful time and i hope you enjoyed the chili stater, mug and shirt.Also yesterday April 22 was Earth Day. I hope all enjoyed it and did something GREEN.I did, I car-pooled,ride metro bus and rail. Yesterday was great, we need more days like this to get this wonderful earth the way it was before. HEALTHY.........LETS ALL GO GREEN AND REMEMBER A LIITLE DEED GOES A >>>>>>>>>>>>>LONG WAY...

Thanks again to all..


Today in the youth business group we read and talked about the book "Where Am I Wearing". Today's section was about whether Americans should buy sweatshop made clothing and if we should jobs where people work for pennies an hour or a day and have bad working conditions. If we dont buy those clothes will that put people out of work for the low paying jobs? Is is worse to have a low paying job then no job at all? How can we support good wage jobs in other countries??

We in America dont really often have to deal with the reality of sweatshops. We get cheap clothes but dont have to see people working in terrible in human conditions. The author of this book went to countries to see people who make clothes for gap, bugle boy, and other companies and was faced with these questions. I thought this was a great part of the book because the writer really told us that we should all respect one another's living conditions. When we read more next week we'll find out more about how we can support better work conditions for people who make our clothes.

Earth Day

Hey everyone Ashley here telling you about Earth Day. It is held on April 22nd to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth's environment it is the day we put our earth in the limelight to see what the effects have been placed on it are and how we can change them for the better. It may only be one day a year but we need to open our eyes to the significance of the day. A lot of people celebrate Earth Day which consists of treating the earth like it should be treated everyday, we pick up trash, recycle and ride our bikes to work in stead of cars, these are just small steps that we can take to insure a beautiful and healthy place to live but they are not the only things we can do. You can also turn the water off when brushing ur teeth or lathering up in the shower, you can use energy efficient lightbulbs and appliances. There are many things to do and if all this seems overwhelming try to take a few things that you can do every week and keep doing them. Some people see this day as a day to start on the right path to helping sustain a green environment. SO EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T STARTED RECYCLING OR BUYING LOCAL START IF NOT TODAY THEN ON APRIL 22nd 2010 because it will one day be to late.

Broadway Market

Today has been a good day so far. My fellow employees are at the Broadway Market today for some Easter sales. We have some tasting today also , I am here at Map keeping things in check. and doing some labeling.Tomorrow we will also be at the Broadway Market if those who are interested would like to stop by. We will be having tasting then also.We have our Super Duper Salsa and our Amazing Chili Stater sampling.We will also be selling our products. Our products make wonderful Easter gifts . So come on down to the Broadway Market and explore.

April 2-3


Tomarrow is 2nd annual flap jacks for the farm.We wiil be serving pancakes,bacon and sausage.mmm sounds great.The fee is $10 per adult and $5 for kids under 14 at the door.We are looking foward to your presence..Times will be serving at 9:oo am , 10:30 am and 12:00 pm.It is going to be held at Trinity Episcopal church 371 Delaware ave Buffalo NY. We will selling our Growing Green merchandise.We will also be having a chicken naming raffle...We Hope to see you all there


Where Am I Wearing/ Where Are You Wearing

Hey everybody it's Ashley here I'm writing about the book we have been reading for our check in. Where Am I Wearing is a book by Kelsey Timmerman, it is written about Kelsey's experiences with his favorite clothes, his favorite clothes are all American made but made in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, and in places like Honduras, these clothes that are supposed to be all American are the farthest from being American made. He then travels to the places that his clothes are made to see the sweat shops they are made in. Even though they make hardly any money they don't want us Americans to stop buying the clothes they make because they will no longer have any money or jobs. We have been discussing our opinions on what we think about how "sweat shops" work, I think that yes they get paid hardly any money for the work they do but its the only job that they have and if we don't buy the items that they make it'll be more costly for us to buy and they wont be able to buy food for there families. I think though that we should find a way to work with the companies so that they pay there workers more and give them better working conditions and benefits. Now I'm off to label some cases of our product for our Flapjacks For The Farm pancake breakfest in the morning (March 27, 2010).


Hi my name is Abdi Sheikh, this past Monday i was challenged to not eat meat and that idea came from a movie that we watch the movies is called food inc .When i try not to eat meat for a day it was not very bad i mean that day the whole day i ate food like rice and beans and some other good and healthy food not involving meat . So basally my family were eating meat but when they tend to eat i just dont sit near them. That the kind of experience i had on not eating meat for a day.

my personal challage

Hey its Jordan and I'm here today reporting about what we can do to help make a healthier world. Growing Greeners are taking on challenges to help support our bodies and mother earth by taking action in our every day lives. I'd like to talk about how my personal food system challenge has been going over the past week. WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW things have been hard...Now I love pop....I am so thirsty for my quenching Ginger Ale.I have been on my personal quest to help support a healthier me and better food system as part of the Food Inc. action challenge.I have been successful for a whole week.I have had some tempting experiences at school and at the dinner table but have pushed threw for myself, resisting the sparkling beverage and doing a little something to take a stand against High Fructose Corn Syrup for the food system.I've grown attached to helping not only myself but the nation and doing small things in my day to day life, as much as i can.But yes i will continue my quest in the battle to boycott non-local products and HFCS products.I say this with pride i will take all the steps necessary to follow out with my plans. If you feel like you'd like to take a step and challenge yourself, support organizations like MAP or go to this website for some tips (http://www.foodincmovie.com/get-involved.php) You can make a difference
Thank you Peace


Hello everybody its me Jordan from Growing Green Works, the youth enterprise! This picture is from the summer but hey it's still of me! Anyways to day I'm blogging about our presentation . Yesterday we presented at Senator Antoine Tompson's Business Gets Green monthly Networking Event, in front of a lot of green business professionals and companies in Western New York.
It was so scary and we were so nervous. We learned a lot from other companies and about plans for going more green in Architecture, energy consumption and in our region in general . About the presentation. We went in there with courage and determination to show everyone that teens can go toe to toe with adults and tell them all about growing green and our enterprise. We were the only group to talk about the connection between food and the environment and why it is important to buy local and organic. At the end we there was a question and answer part where people came and talked to us about Growing Green, and we got some good offers from people about our upcoming plans for a new green house, field trips and Buffalo's first aquaponics system.

We were told we did a great job and was the first of all the presenters to get some applause.Even though we know people could tell we were a little nervous, we pulled through as a team and got our points across.Today we are learning more about how to give better presentations and to not be so nervous. A good lesson from this is that you've got to try your hardest in life and never give up under pressure, even if u are scared .Pull through and remember practice makes perfect..
There is this great event going on in April that we will be at.
It is called the BUFFALO NIAGARA GREEN EXPO.it is Saturday, April 17,2010 at the Waldin Galleria
All kinds of Green Businesses and companies will be there . . . including Growing Green Works. Hope to see you there.
well hope to right to you all again.

STeps TO Greatness

hey everybody its natasha & jordan ....
today we learned a lot all thanks to one
of our own Growing GReen Business youth, Ashely.today she taught us
about the Scheduled Process for our products
and we had kitchen orientation. The scheduled process is the process that food business owners need to go through to make sure their products are safe, clean and made properly for the public to buy and eat. we learned cleaning and prep skills for a commercial kitchen, which means you can make food and it has been approved by the county health department and by NYS and federal standards of cleanliness and equipment. we have learned that our products be analysed by a food processing authority like Cornell Coop Ext NYS Small Food Ventures Center in Geneva NY. We would mail them a sample and a description of the ingredientas and houw we make our product and they would test it and let us know if it passes all the necessary tests for sale. We learned about danger zones for parishable foods & that it must be either cooler than 40 degrees farienhieht and hotter than 140 degrees farienhieht. well Tuesday we will do recipe dev and learn more about food safety. see u all again soon.thanks. bYE
Hi my name is Omar I'm from Africa .The Part i am from is Kenya, Garissa . I live in u.s.a for five Years. Life were i came from and here is different .Here we get to go to school and get to go to college. If we were in Africa right know, we were playing sport. The sport we played was called football their. But in the united stated people call soccer. Anyway we well just going to play soccer because that what child do in Africa they dent go to school. They just wake up go outside play soccer come back in the house look for foods and look same were to sleep.That all they do same of them but same of them they school.

Political Corruption

Hey everyone its Ashley and Esmeileen. What has the world come to when it's okay to give politicians mass amounts of money in favor of corporations . "Yesterday The Supreme court, in a 5-4 split, overturned two earlier decisions and threw out parts of a 63-year-old law that said companies and unions can be prohibited from using money from their general treasuries to produce and run their own campaign ads." As said from the huffingtonpost.com. Do you think it's okay to be able to buy your way into a vote? We here at growing green don't think just because corporations or individuals have money they should get their way, why should one bill get voted in or passed over because a corporation bought the politicians votes.? I, as a free opinion believer, believe that companies should be able to spend their money the way they want but it is not fair to give it to a politician for campaign use when it could affect policies and laws. Corporations usually look out for themselves not for the needy and I hope that it will be rethought of and changed back to the way it should be--corporate money out of elections, law-making and policy-making. think about it

written by
:Ashley McGuffin
Esmeileen Vazquez
Hi Everyone this is Abdi Sheikh and I wanted to tell people about the terrible earthquake in Haiti and what Growing Green is going to do to help relief people there.
In Haiti a massive earthquake hit in Monday afternoon.the earthquake destroyed almost everything in the city.50thousands killed most suffered from major injuries. The presidents white house was also destroyed .Some people are still under the falling buildings.People from all around the world are trying to help the suffering once . The united states has sent many and many people to help,the unites states army and many more.People also donated millions of many.Some people don't even have food to eat, they have no houses not even shelter to live .This earthquake destroyed a lot of stuff in Haiti .recuse are trying to do everything they can to help the once that are under the building .About 1500 American live in Haiti but now they are refusing to live there because of what has happen in Haiti.
One thing that we need to do is that we will try to find some money so we can donate to the starving once and clothing or food .we will try to get help from people that live in the western new york area. So please friends and families try to help with what ever u can do or have to offer.
On wednesday jan 13th 2010 Haitian citizens gathered bodies from the streets of their Capital city after a huge Earthquake that destroyed most of the homes, hospitals, schools,and whole neighborhoods. Local people made a parking lot of a hotel into a hospital, where people who were still alive were taken to get medical care.THE Earthquake killed tens of thousands and is the largest natural disasters to happen in Haiti in over 100 years. We hope this quake helps to bring people together around Haiti. Their country has been impoverished for a long time and we talked in the business group about how help is getting to haitians and whether all the money that is donated will be for the Haitians or for corporations to take advantage and make money off a tragedy. Well if you can please find a way to help. Make a basket of basic care items, canned food, have a fundraiser for a worthy organization, donate blood talk to others about what they can do.
Today Growing Green And Candie Svek did yoga. She taught us a couple of streching excersises like, the cat and cow. Thats a pose that you do on the palms of your hands and knees. When you do the strech you bend your back up, Which makes the from of the cat and when your back is down you make a cow. We also did salutation to the sun, child's position, and downward facing dog.My experience with yoga was fun.my back hurts a little, but I'll survive.I'll get use to it because We'll start doing every Saturday.