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hey everybody its natasha & jordan ....
today we learned a lot all thanks to one
of our own Growing GReen Business youth, Ashely.today she taught us
about the Scheduled Process for our products
and we had kitchen orientation. The scheduled process is the process that food business owners need to go through to make sure their products are safe, clean and made properly for the public to buy and eat. we learned cleaning and prep skills for a commercial kitchen, which means you can make food and it has been approved by the county health department and by NYS and federal standards of cleanliness and equipment. we have learned that our products be analysed by a food processing authority like Cornell Coop Ext NYS Small Food Ventures Center in Geneva NY. We would mail them a sample and a description of the ingredientas and houw we make our product and they would test it and let us know if it passes all the necessary tests for sale. We learned about danger zones for parishable foods & that it must be either cooler than 40 degrees farienhieht and hotter than 140 degrees farienhieht. well Tuesday we will do recipe dev and learn more about food safety. see u all again soon.thanks. bYE
Hi my name is Omar I'm from Africa .The Part i am from is Kenya, Garissa . I live in u.s.a for five Years. Life were i came from and here is different .Here we get to go to school and get to go to college. If we were in Africa right know, we were playing sport. The sport we played was called football their. But in the united stated people call soccer. Anyway we well just going to play soccer because that what child do in Africa they dent go to school. They just wake up go outside play soccer come back in the house look for foods and look same were to sleep.That all they do same of them but same of them they school.

Political Corruption

Hey everyone its Ashley and Esmeileen. What has the world come to when it's okay to give politicians mass amounts of money in favor of corporations . "Yesterday The Supreme court, in a 5-4 split, overturned two earlier decisions and threw out parts of a 63-year-old law that said companies and unions can be prohibited from using money from their general treasuries to produce and run their own campaign ads." As said from the huffingtonpost.com. Do you think it's okay to be able to buy your way into a vote? We here at growing green don't think just because corporations or individuals have money they should get their way, why should one bill get voted in or passed over because a corporation bought the politicians votes.? I, as a free opinion believer, believe that companies should be able to spend their money the way they want but it is not fair to give it to a politician for campaign use when it could affect policies and laws. Corporations usually look out for themselves not for the needy and I hope that it will be rethought of and changed back to the way it should be--corporate money out of elections, law-making and policy-making. think about it

written by
:Ashley McGuffin
Esmeileen Vazquez
Hi Everyone this is Abdi Sheikh and I wanted to tell people about the terrible earthquake in Haiti and what Growing Green is going to do to help relief people there.
In Haiti a massive earthquake hit in Monday afternoon.the earthquake destroyed almost everything in the city.50thousands killed most suffered from major injuries. The presidents white house was also destroyed .Some people are still under the falling buildings.People from all around the world are trying to help the suffering once . The united states has sent many and many people to help,the unites states army and many more.People also donated millions of many.Some people don't even have food to eat, they have no houses not even shelter to live .This earthquake destroyed a lot of stuff in Haiti .recuse are trying to do everything they can to help the once that are under the building .About 1500 American live in Haiti but now they are refusing to live there because of what has happen in Haiti.
One thing that we need to do is that we will try to find some money so we can donate to the starving once and clothing or food .we will try to get help from people that live in the western new york area. So please friends and families try to help with what ever u can do or have to offer.
On wednesday jan 13th 2010 Haitian citizens gathered bodies from the streets of their Capital city after a huge Earthquake that destroyed most of the homes, hospitals, schools,and whole neighborhoods. Local people made a parking lot of a hotel into a hospital, where people who were still alive were taken to get medical care.THE Earthquake killed tens of thousands and is the largest natural disasters to happen in Haiti in over 100 years. We hope this quake helps to bring people together around Haiti. Their country has been impoverished for a long time and we talked in the business group about how help is getting to haitians and whether all the money that is donated will be for the Haitians or for corporations to take advantage and make money off a tragedy. Well if you can please find a way to help. Make a basket of basic care items, canned food, have a fundraiser for a worthy organization, donate blood talk to others about what they can do.
Today Growing Green And Candie Svek did yoga. She taught us a couple of streching excersises like, the cat and cow. Thats a pose that you do on the palms of your hands and knees. When you do the strech you bend your back up, Which makes the from of the cat and when your back is down you make a cow. We also did salutation to the sun, child's position, and downward facing dog.My experience with yoga was fun.my back hurts a little, but I'll survive.I'll get use to it because We'll start doing every Saturday.