Meet Sara!

Hello my name is Sara. I am a sophomore at City Honors. At City Honors, we have this thing called the IB program. It’s the International Baccalaureate program and it’s supposed to develop students, intellectual, emotional, personal, and social skills. It helps give college credit if I decide to take IB classes next year. A thing I’m working on is school is called a personal project; it’s an independent project that focuses on our personal interests and turns them into a school long project that we present at the end of the year (called IB night). I’m learning to skateboard, thanks to a MAP Youth Team Leader we had during the summer. He helped me buy the board and decide what was right for me. On another note, I’ve been working at MAP for a couple months now, since I’ve only done the summer program. My brother worked at MAP for almost 10 years and he’s one of the reasons I’m at MAP. He’s influenced me a lot, and always bragged about MAP and that made me want to experience the things he’s experienced here. He’s helped me get to know map more and help me know how other people feel about past experiences with MAP as well. I’ve wanted to work at MAP since I was 9 years old. I take French in school, and it’s one of the hardest courses I've taken in my 10 years of schooling. After high school, I'm hoping to travel to get experience and try a lot of new things, while filling my journey. I’m interested in the visual arts, and I’m hoping to do something in the future that goes along with that. I’m hoping I can stay with MAP, because it’s something that I enjoy doing and helping aid the organization.

Meet Joseph!

Joseph, pictured in red
Hola soy Joseph pero me llama Joe soy un hombre educado con mucho futuro por delante i respeto muchas personas estoy en mi último año pero no estoy asustado porque yo se que puedo lograrlo con el apoyo de mi mamá lo podemos hacer todo lo que los pongan en el camino. Estoy en MAP por 3 meses i mea encantado es fácil i todos son amigables es pero que yo pueda estar muchos años con ellos. La escuela que Voi es Mckinley high school i No es la mejor de mundo pero los maestros son excelentes para que tu aprendas estudiar. yo hablo dos lenguajes pero un poquito de lenguaje de mano. I esté es lo que tengo ahora mismo.

Joseph is Puerto Rican and Spanish is his first language. We encouraged him to write his first bio for MAP in Spanish. Below is our best English interpretation. Please let us know if you think we've missed something! This is a learning process we take pride in developing. 

Hi, I'm Joseph, but people call me Joe. I am an educated man with a great future ahead and I respect many people. I am in my last year [of school] but I am not scared because I know that I can do it. With my mother's blessing, we can do everything they put in our path. I have worked at MAP for 3 months and I am delighted. It is easy [work] and everyone is friendly. I could work with them for many years. The school I go to, McKinley High School, is not the best in the world but the teachers are excellent for you to learn from if you study. I speak two languages and a little sign language. This is what I have [going for me] right now.

Meet Amina!

Meet Amina! 

My name is Amina. I am 14 years old and you are reading all about me. I am now a sophomore at Hutch Tech High School, with a major in biochemistry. I don’t really know what I want to become for sure, but I have some ideas. Some part of me wants to become a biochemical engineer, but the other part wants me to become a mental health social worker. Both fields of study have been important to me for as long as I can remember. 

I was born in Colombus, Ohio, but I don’t remember much because shortly after we moved to Buffalo, where we started our family. You could describe me as organized, cheerful, and optimistic - all traits I have worked hard to receive. I speak English, Somali, and I’m in the process of learning Spanish. I like to cook and make my own food, but haven’t been given the opportunity at home. This is one of the reasons why I think working at MAP will be great for me. I knew I had a passion for cooking since helping my mom in the kitchen and I hope to continue having that passion. Working at MAP will only bring good opportunities for me and I am excited to be a part of an organization like this - where it is all about bringing healthy food to everyone. 

Youth Reflection on our Current Economy

A reflection from Blet Say

Our current economy is very inefficient and unjust. Because of our economy, which relies on capitalism, life is very hard for people to thrive in. There is so much that we really don’t know about our economy and possibly informing people about this crisis would help. The way we manage our home, at least in the United States is not very good. We rely on money and power. There is an unequal balance of the distribution of these two factors, and this causes problems for the people living in this world. We can shift this system by using the power of the people to make necessary changes. People, as a group, need to step up and cause a ripple effect, so that many more people will join the fight to shift our economy into a regenerative one. We use resources and only think about taking. Due to this, many problems occur. Today, we saw an example of what was happening, which was the “web of life.” There were so many strings being cut that it was really hard to get back to the position that we had started in. I learned that climate change was one of the problems that impacted us. Because of climate change, more natural disasters occur at a time when they aren’t supposed to. This adds to the economic problems. All of the money and power is being given to small groups of people. The government also ignores the people’s needs and use most of the funds on the military, which is a bit unnecessary. Because of this, people don’t have access to their basic needs. Not all of the people have healthcare, shelter, etc. In the United States, people are dying constantly due to lack of healthcare, and also much more frequently than in other countries. In conclusion, people are in danger, not only because of the system, but because of the effects it brings. I feel that the people’s needs are ultimately being ignored and that we can’t do anything about it unless we step up to change this system of economy. 

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