Mud Pies and Railroad Ties

I’m Sam and I work in the Farm & Garden group. This winter has been full of garden planning and staying indoors. Since the weather hasn’t agreed with us, we haven’t been able to be productive outdoors. But now with the sun shining more and the snow gone we’re outside doing something new every Saturday.

How to read a seed packet

Hi my name is Mohamud. We’ve done a lot this winter in the Farm & Garden group. I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned as a member.

 We’ve learned how to read seed packets. First, the seed packet should show you the name of the crop and a picture of it. If it never showed you any of those, it would be twice as hard to find out what kinds of seeds were in the seed packet.

Writing the Young Philanthropists Grant

 By Eh Soe and Messiah

During this winter the Farm & Garden group at MAP applied for the Young Philanthropist Grant. We needed  money to help us buy tools and a shed for our garden. We worked with our co-workers/friends to write the grant.

Messiah and Mohamud's top five public speaking tips

1. Dress appropriately

2. Make eye contact with your audience

3. Speak loudly and clearly

4. Only say accurate information

5. Be polite

Public speaking practice with Aunt Lorna Hill

By Eh Soe

Recently, we practiced our public speaking skills with Aunt Lorna Hill from Ujima Theater Company. She gave us her rules to do well on a presentation. The rules she gave us were: