Meet Ingabire!

My name is Ingabire. I am an outgoing and open minded person. I go to Emerson School of Hospitality and I am currently a senior. My favorite subject in school is art. I was born in Congo and came to America through the United Nations in 2014. I speak English and Swahili. I have worked at MAP for 4 year. I wanted to work at MAP because I wanted extra money for myself but I kept working at MAP because it's like family to me and I enjoy working here. My favorite part of MAP is when we host events like Tour de Farms and have people in our community eating and connecting with each other. My least favorite part is not having a lot of hours to work together.

Working at MAP and being in school can sometimes be difficult. After work I might have homework and by the time I get home I am tired. I am graduating in June and my plan is to go to college and find a good major that I like.

My inspiration is all hardworking women and all the people who fought for their basic rights. My favorite activity is to write poems for myself. I give back to my community by being an activist.

I love food. My favorite vegetable is spinach. My favorite dish to cook is pilau. My favorite dish to eat is mac and cheese. My favorite crop to grow is garlic. I also have a favorite social justice movement which is the Women's March.

My MAP memory from the summer time is when we went to Beaver Meadow and played games during the day and at night in the woods. I am happy to be a MAP Youth.

Meet Pepper!

Hi! My name is Pepper and I am a senior at City Honors School. I've lived in Buffalo my whole life and I've worked at MAP since the summer of 2016. I continue to enjoy working at because we always have opportunities to learn new things and meet new people. I love the  spring at MAP when we get to work together growing seedlings for the new growing season. I  especially love growing tomato seedlings because at first they seem very fragile but quickly grow larger and stronger than seems possible. As spring turns to summer, there's inevitably a day when we get caught on the farm or garden during a rainstorm. This often leads to us hiding out in the tool shed until the rain passes (or in last summer's case, being rescued by Diane). Working at MAP and going to school at the same time is not often a big challenge because the MAP staff are very accommodating and supportive. In my free time, I like to read books outside, knit blankets, and play violin. After high school, I hope to explore my various interests in college.