The Culinary Experience

By Adam Picard-Park

I joined MAP this summer to find out what a summer job was like. It is technically my first summer job. I worked for my mom last summer assisting MAP, but now I am interested to see what the actual program is like.

Trench Dodgeball, Vegetables, and a Farmstand

By Eh Soe

My name is Eh Soe, I’m a student at Riverside High School and next school year I will be a senior.  During this summer, I am working at MAP (Massachusetts Avenue Project). My sister worked here before me, we went to BETC (Buffalo Employment Training Center) together so that I can work at MAP.

Doing the Dirty Work

By Aye Pi

Hi everyone, my name is Aye Pi.  This is my second year working at MAP, so this summer I am a Farm and Garden Specialist. I like working at the farm more than doing anything else. The reason I like working at the farm is because it gives me opportunities to learn new things about the farm, and I like working outside and getting myself dirty.

My First Job

By Ingabire Adam

It was Monday morning, I woke up early because I knew that I was going to start my summer job. I was surprised when I had first seen my first job. I thought all this organization does is sell and farm, but I was wrong. It does a lot of stuff and most of what they do is to help people. Some of the things this organization does is provide jobs, farming, selling crops, as well as educating teens.

Alumni Reunion

By Adriana Ragland

Hello, my name is Adriana Ragland and I am an intern here at MAP.  I worked for MAP from 2007-2011, but now I have returned as an intern through the social work program at Niagara University.

During my internship at MAP, I planned the first Growing Green Alumni Reunion. The alumni reunion took place July 18, 2015 at the Massachusetts Avenue farm. There was a barbecue and plenty of time for all of us to catch up with each other.

Peeping into Youth Perspective on Food Justice

New youth presenting their ideas
By Serge Muharareni

Hi, it’s Serge here again.

This summer I’m working as a Social Media Specialist at MAP.  This means I’ve been taking pictures of the youths’ experiences at MAP, writing blog articles, and updating social media posts for MAP.

This summer’s youth are proving to be quite interesting. Not only are they fast learners, but they also have their own perspectives on subjects concerning our mission at MAP.

Cooking With Collards

Khadijah at the #MAPfarmstand
By Khadijah Hussein

Hi my name is Khadijah Hussein and I’ve been working with MAP for two summers and two school years.  This is the second summer I’ve been working as a Mobile Market Specialist for MAP.

The Mobile Market Specialist is an interesting position.  As a Mobile Market Specialist I work at the farm stand on Monday through Thursday, from 3pm-8pm.  I sell varieties of fruits and veggies like mixed kale, collard greens, cucumbers, onions, watermelons, sometimes cherries, and more!  I have the responsibility of good customer service and bringing fresh and healthy food to local neighborhoods, that are food deserts, which is generally MAP’s mission.

Serge’s Trip to D.C.

#MAPyouth Donacian & Serge in Washington, D.C.
By Serge Muharareni

Hello, my name is Serge and I was chosen to take part in the Close-Up, D.C. trip during the last week of June. I enjoyed the trip and learned so much from it. I hope to see more youth be able to go next year.

Close-Up, D.C. gives youth the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to learn more about our government. While I was there, we mainly focused on bills being passed in Congress. We had a chance to practice debates and voting on “practice bills” to have a chance to experience the way bills are passed in Congress. Those activities helped me understand how and why voting is important. After this trip, I realize that we all have a voice and we all should use it.

Congratulations, Class of 2015!

At the end of June, all seniors involved in the MAP Your Future Program graduated from a local high school in Buffalo, N.Y. and were accepted into their top choice colleges. Each student deserves recognition for the hard work they put into both their last year in high school and admission to higher education. In addition to our seniors, we would like to acknowledge all of our students who were promoted to the next grade level.