MAP Tour de Farms 2010!!!

MAP Tour de Farms 2010 is coming your way. September 11, 2010 Please join us for our 2nd Annual MAP Tour de Farms cycle ride and Harvest Celebration. We take this ride each year to highlight the connection between urban and rural communities in the food system and celebrate the great local food we have in our region. We'll start out in Buffalo visiting different urban farms on the west and east sides of the city before we head out to the countryside. The ride starts at 8:30am and the Harvest Celebration at 230pm at the Oles Family Farm. Register soon for tickets at www.mass-ave.org. You don't want to miss this. Its a 30 mile ride through the greater Buffalo and Alden areas and when the race ends Outer Circle Orchestra will jam with us at the farm.

The Massachusetts Avenue Project and Growing Green would like to thank our great partners and sponsors for the amazing job at our Aquaponics fundraiser August 5th. With 5 different amazing chefs making our Tilapia into lipsmacking entrees, a huge white tent, great music and beverages, it was awesome. We were looking stylish in our professional chef gear. Our fearless leader, Diane gave a great speech talking about how the work that we do is changing not only our community but that we are models internationally for sustainable fish production and ways to train teens about green careers. Chef Rolin awarded us with fancy cook books and he was hilarious! well keep you eye out for us because we are officially on the national scene. Check out some cool video of the fundraiser!!! http://skunkpost.com/news.sp?newsId=2944

The Cookout

The cookout was a hit. There was good music and great food. The skits were all funny and the audience seemed to think the same. After the cookout it turned into a live mini-dance contest. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to all the people that showed up and came to support.

P.S. -The M.C.'s were hilarious !!!


Growing Green Youth Lead Healthy Kids Healthy Communities Visioning Session

Hi Everyone. Growing Green youth Jordan and Adriana led an community health visioning event yesterday at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. It was part of the Healthy Kids Healthy Communities initiative to plan healthier communities. During the event we split up in groups of teen and adults to talk about what we thought healthier Buffalo would look like.The teen groups took pictures about the healthy things in our community and the unhealthy things in our community. We also talked about specific things to change or add to our communities to make a better place for our selves and for our little brothers and sisters. We talked about nutrition and how the healthy food and the unhealthy food that people can get to affects our health. We got to talk all about MAP and Growing Green too--you know we like to brag! lol. Well here's a picture from the event. Good job Adriana and Jordan!

activism week

During activism week we watched hood diet, we watched a film about activists, wrote letters to people on the board, and discussed problems with our schools. Hood diet is a video about 2 guys rapping about local fast food restaurants and how they are bad for us. the film we watched was called "Viva la Causa," and that was about people trying to get human rights. We wrote letters to people on the board to tell them some problems and what we wanted to do about it.

Ole's Farm trip!

Hey world its Polo and Jahon. We recently took a trip to Oles Family Farm. It was a great experience to work on an larger farm. We learned a lot beginning there, we weeded pepper fields and bean fields as well. We learned how to harvest garlic taking the dead skin off and loading it in crates.