Ramen Carbonara


6 to 8 slices bacon,
cut into 1/2-inch strips 
2 CUPS boiling water
3 TBSP butter, plus more for frying eggs
1 CUP grated Parmesan 
2 (3-ounce) packages ramen noodles 
2 eggs, whisked together until smooth
Salt and black pepper
2 whole eggs, at room temperature


1. In a large skillet, cook bacon over medium heat until fat is rendered and meat is cooked through. Adjust the heat as needed to prevent scorching. When bacon is cooked, use a slotted spoon to transfer it to a paper-towel-lined plate. Set aside.

2. Pour off the extra bacon fat in the pan. Return pan to medium-high heat and add boiling water, butter and half the cheese. Stir, scraping up bacon bits, and bring to a boil. Add noodle blocks and boil until noodles are almost cooked through, about 3 minutes. The noodles will absorb some of the liquid, and there will be a thick broth in the pan. Keep the heat high; you want most of the liquid to evaporate.

3. Reduce heat to low. Add whisked eggs, stir into noodles very well, and cook, stirring constantly and scraping the bottom of the pan, about 1 minute. The sauce should remain quite runny; the eggs will continue to cook after you remove them from the heat. Mix in cooked bacon, remaining cheese and plenty of black pepper and immediately remove from the heat.

4. If making fried eggs, cover the noodle bowls to keep them warm. Return empty pan to medium heat, add a lump of butter, and swirl until melted and foaming. Crack the eggs into the pan and fry until yolks are just set and edges are brown, about 3 minutes. Transfer to noodle bowls, grind on more pepper, and serve immediately.


1. Use whatever shredded Italian cheese you have lying around if you do not have parmesan on hand!

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