Hello, this is Sammy and I am from the business group. Last Thursday, our group participated in the break even lesson teaching us the number side to business and for our new product. Our new product is going to be a new salad dressing-made with local apple cider. We learned how to calculate the fixed and variable costs and how to figure out how many units we have to sell to cover our costs and then to make a profit, which any business needs to run a successful business. This week our group learned about a way to teach eachother skills and information called "Each One Teach One". It was used by the civil rights groups, such as Black Panthers Party to teach people in neighborhoods about the history of Africans and how to organize for rights. Next week our group, along with two other groups are going to battle head to head in a debate about water privatization. Should water be privatized or not what do you think???
Hello, this is Adrianna and i am in the business group. Today we did a practice debated about Buffalo Public Schools getting a half hour break during school. Next Thursday the outreach and business group are having a debate about water privatization.
We are finding prices of jars for our new coming salad dressing. Also the costs of the ingredients for our recipe. On Thursday, November 20th Tim from Lexington Coop Market and Tamar from push Buffalo is coming to tell the business group about start a business of our own.
Hello friends this is Ashley sitting here with the business group writing our first blog together. We are going to talk about this weekends peace fair. Me and Hodan worked the peace fair we sold about 42 jars of our products. We met a lot of nice people who support the cause. Last Thursday we gave a survey on three potential salad dressings we had a maple cinnamon Dijon mustard blend, a apple cider balsamic vinegar blend and a black pepper honey mustard blend.The youth seemed to like the maple cinnamon Dijon mustard blend. Look for it soon in a store near you.