Hi everybody its me Jordan. On Wendesday April 21 we had a specail guest on our farm none the other Ed Cassano, The Senior Director Of the conservation Outreach for the Monterey Bay Aquarium.He came to visit to talk about the aquarium but also some info on the food system itself.He told us about the health hazards of seafood. He handed out pamphlets about sea food. He told us all bout how the fish our bad for us, like how certain fish have to much mercury and how it can be harmful especailly for women. Also how how the fish can be harmful because of the fact that only 14% of the fish that we eat comes from the United States itself. We ship in our fish from other places around the world. Its not like a pepper were you can figure out were it was sold and back even more to where its was grown. Since the fish are not from the U.S. it we have no way too trace it back, and that can be hazardous.But Yes thank you again Mr. Cassano for the wonderful time and i hope you enjoyed the chili stater, mug and shirt.Also yesterday April 22 was Earth Day. I hope all enjoyed it and did something GREEN.I did, I car-pooled,ride metro bus and rail. Yesterday was great, we need more days like this to get this wonderful earth the way it was before. HEALTHY.........LETS ALL GO GREEN AND REMEMBER A LIITLE DEED GOES A >>>>>>>>>>>>>LONG WAY...

Thanks again to all..


Today in the youth business group we read and talked about the book "Where Am I Wearing". Today's section was about whether Americans should buy sweatshop made clothing and if we should jobs where people work for pennies an hour or a day and have bad working conditions. If we dont buy those clothes will that put people out of work for the low paying jobs? Is is worse to have a low paying job then no job at all? How can we support good wage jobs in other countries??

We in America dont really often have to deal with the reality of sweatshops. We get cheap clothes but dont have to see people working in terrible in human conditions. The author of this book went to countries to see people who make clothes for gap, bugle boy, and other companies and was faced with these questions. I thought this was a great part of the book because the writer really told us that we should all respect one another's living conditions. When we read more next week we'll find out more about how we can support better work conditions for people who make our clothes.

Earth Day

Hey everyone Ashley here telling you about Earth Day. It is held on April 22nd to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth's environment it is the day we put our earth in the limelight to see what the effects have been placed on it are and how we can change them for the better. It may only be one day a year but we need to open our eyes to the significance of the day. A lot of people celebrate Earth Day which consists of treating the earth like it should be treated everyday, we pick up trash, recycle and ride our bikes to work in stead of cars, these are just small steps that we can take to insure a beautiful and healthy place to live but they are not the only things we can do. You can also turn the water off when brushing ur teeth or lathering up in the shower, you can use energy efficient lightbulbs and appliances. There are many things to do and if all this seems overwhelming try to take a few things that you can do every week and keep doing them. Some people see this day as a day to start on the right path to helping sustain a green environment. SO EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T STARTED RECYCLING OR BUYING LOCAL START IF NOT TODAY THEN ON APRIL 22nd 2010 because it will one day be to late.

Broadway Market

Today has been a good day so far. My fellow employees are at the Broadway Market today for some Easter sales. We have some tasting today also , I am here at Map keeping things in check. and doing some labeling.Tomorrow we will also be at the Broadway Market if those who are interested would like to stop by. We will be having tasting then also.We have our Super Duper Salsa and our Amazing Chili Stater sampling.We will also be selling our products. Our products make wonderful Easter gifts . So come on down to the Broadway Market and explore.

April 2-3