Adressing our environment for the future!

Today we discussed how not enough people realize whats going on with global warming and our Earth. We, the youth working for a greener planet, need to make our voices heard by getting the message out there. I feel like people are too focused on so many different things now that they are not focused on our Earth and the future. The atmosphere around our Earth is at 390 parts per million CO2 when were actually supposed to be below 350 parts per million CO2 just so that the Earth can support life on this planet!!!. This means that we as a world need to find a way to decrease carbon dioxide and pollution so we can have a future together--and how could we have one apart? We brianstormed ideas for building this cause in Buffalo. We can start Green teams in schools or find ways to recycle and conserve at school and more as a whole. Theirs only one Earth and we need to take care of it before we end it sooner than later. Recently on Saturday November 13 , 2010 we attended an Environmental Congress meeting. Where environmentalist Bill McKibben spoke about what we as a world need to do to help address global warming because it's THE ISSUE anda lot of people seem not to be aware about-some people in US Congress right now dont even believe in it! Now that's crazy. We got the opportunity to interview Bill McKibben and get more in depth with questions. Bill McKibben is one of the most successful activists on the planet about global warming and whats going on with it. He says that our government really doesn't seem to care about the issue so its up to us to rally together and make sure they know that if they arent for the environment then they aren't for us. Now lets go and get some things going, Youth its our future! -- Robert.


Hi all! Today we had discussed outgoing and incoming business calls. The youth enterprise makes professional business calls to stores we provide products to, to set up product demos and to correspond with our suppliers and other vendors. We learned many tips for these calls like How to speak appropriately and clearly,To know your information about your products, delivery times and being direct since most people you'll be calling are busy and for most time is money. We learned not to call people during their most busy hours (early morning or just before closing) and to clarify the points of interest before you hang up.
Its important for everyone on our team to practice making calls to stores. It takes alot more than most people think to make a business call successfully. its all part of building our skills. They come in handy when it comes to job interview's or business presentations or even for school. It can be very good to have on hand some tools for making your communication happen in a pleasing and professional way . Some people are very happy to see you have manners and speak so well. Especially if youre a teen growing up today alot of people think we dont have any. . But I will continue to write again soon .
Until next time ..... Jordan