New Year's Resolution

Hello this is Kuwu and Paul from the Youth Enterprise at MAP the Massachusetts avenue project. Our New Year's resolution for 2012 is to go as green as we possibly can, which means we plan on doing so much to help our environment.  We also have a few New Year's resolutions so easy that
you'll have no excuse not to keep them.

1. Use a bike for short trips-Using your bike for short trips reduces the amount of money you spend on gasoline and car maintenance, and increases your fitness level as well.

2.Buy from farmer's markets instead of groceries stores-buying from a farmers market helps our environment because it's local and no chemicals and it gets the most money to the people who grow our food.

3. Eat Smart- if you eat meat eat one meatless meal a week because raising beef, pork, chickens and other meat we eat has high costs to the environment, and our pockets as well.

4. No bottled water- do not buy water;  buy filters and filter your own tap water because plastic bottles make up a large amount of container waste.

5. Borrowing- instead of buying your own personal book, borrow from a library this helps save our beautiful trees.

Hello from Desyonna-Growing Green Works!

Hi, my name is Desyonna. I work for MAP for Growing Green's youth enterprise. I have not yet been here for a year but so far the experience has been great. During my time here I have been to work on our urban farm, I've sold our youth enterprise products at community fairs and holiday bazaars, I helped greet riders at our annual Tour de Farms event for a half way pit stop and much much more. Doesnt that sound like alot?? But thats just a part of what we do here. We also talk alot about ways youth can make positive changes in our communities. Helping people get healthy organic foods that they can afford, helping politicians see why its important to support local farms and what we need to do to put people and the planet first, not corporations. This is a great first job for me. Everything we do helps us learn skills and make the situation better for our communities. Its not easy being a leader but it is good to feel like what I do helps others. I am proud to work at MAP and work with other teens to decide what kind of future we want to create. I wasnt sure what my first job would be like but now I know and I enjoy every moment of it...