Yes that's right folks we will be finishing our all natural green house, with Professor Kevin Conners of UB Archtecture, raising the straw-bale walls April 21st if weather permits. give us a call if you'd like to volunteer. see our website www.mass-ave.org
HI ITS RODNEY AKA ZILLA AND I AM BACK TO TELL U WAT I LEARNED TODAY. I LEARNED HOW TO UNDERSTAND ACCOUNTINg. Accounting is how you keep track anf tell people about money stuff for a business. It Helps us keep track of what we make and what we have to spend. We learned about balance sheets, those are like a picture of your money-finances I mean, at one time. It showes how much you own-(Assets) and how much you owe-(liabilities) and investments in your company that you have to make money for -(equity.) Then we looked at cash-flow statements, this statement shows where you used your cash for your business operations, like making your goods, or paying bills--it helps you start to learn what you will have to do with your money,you need to make good habits to have your business so its a good statement to make. Income statements, sometimes call a Profit and Loss Statement- show you what you took in and what you had to pay for a certain amount of time. Your investers will want to see whether you made or lost money and this statement is one way to show them.

Hey what's good every body this your girl Lina in the building.Again! Any ways well we been good and are business is great now as well. Well right now we been working the Chili cook off that we are having Saturday March 31, from 2pm-5pm it's going to be really big I mean BIG! It's going to be held at Chateau Buffalo 1209 Hertle Avenue. It is open to thehttp://www2.blogger.com/img/gl.photo.gif
Add Image public and every one is welcomed. So please come! Everyone well be there and and also news crew and newspapers and much more! Exciting huh Oh Yes!!! Six chef's will be there including us and they will all be starting off with our Amazing Chili Starter and making there own fabulous recipes. We are having a ballot box so people can vote on the best and there will be great prise for the most "Amazing Chili Cook"

Edwin and Lina putting labels on our Amazing Chili Starter product. We just got an order for 10 cases!!!