hi my name is Abdi sheikh. I am from Nairobi,Kenya. I am 15 years old, and I go to Bennett high school. This is my first year in Growing Green and i love it so far. today i was labelling jars of amazing chili starter so we can sell them at the Apple Festival on Saturday.

The Beginning GGYE fall 2009

Hey everyone it's Ashley here to tell you about how things are going with our group. Were here for another school year, working hard getting ready for demos and a new product. Today in class we went over basic job orientation, like attendance and what is asked of us. We are also going over professional phone calls and professional emails. Here is Abdi and Michael showing off our products at Wegmans. Well I can't say to much cause not much has been happening yet but come and get a taste of our Amazing Chili Starter at Wegmans on Military Road in Niagara Falls Saturday, Oct. 17th. We're regional!!

Looking forward to seeing you there.
The Youth Enterprise