Another Wegman's?

Hello again blogger! It's me Natasha and I'm blogging about our Grand new Wegmans that G.G.W is selling at. Jordan and I were at the Wegmans on Losson rd. in cheektawaga, Saturday morning doing a Demo with Zoe. She had made the BEST stuff peppers I've ever tasted! I'm NOT the only one who thought so neither. We were getting comments like, "This is AMAZING" and "Do you have the recipe?". I love the fact that people love our product so much that we are in 7 Wegmans! Another great point from Saturday was that even the Kids liked the stuffed peppers (which had our Amazing Chili Starter in it). Even some of the employee's were excited to taste the peppers. Saturday was a lot of fun!

P.S: The Recipe for Zoe's Rocking Stuffed pepper recipe is on our web-site: WWW.mass-ave.org
Tell me how you like it!


Hi everybody it Jordan and Natasha. Today in the business group we learned about marketing & promotions-meaning how to let people know what your business is selling. We had to create our Marketing plan for next year so we had to think about who would buy our products and how we would communicate with them. We brain stormed about many different marketing techniques used today like direct mailing, public events, logos on clothing and packaging, Bill boards, T.V. Commercials, Brochures, News Paper Ads., movies, celebrity endorsements, cell phone texts, magazines and more. We learned about color theory, symbols and getting a message through to an audience--our customers. Next we had to think about who our audience is and what groups of people would most likely buy our products. Just to name a few we thought: People that support local food, youth-run businesses, urban agriculture, healthy food addicts. These are just some of the supporters we came up with. We can not wait to learn a whole lot more.

This Friday we will be going on a trip to one of Buffalo's LOCAL FARMS.


Plant Life and Ice Cream Sundae

During the week there has been fun activities to do like cooking, eating, farming, learning about photography and learning how to make compost. Everybody participated in the activities and learning about teamwork, it took a lot to be able to keep the flow going and continue to accomplish our goal. We had learned about beginning and the end process of the plant life cycle. Starting from the seed to the full grown plant to become a flower with fruit growing on it. There were three different teams called the Dynamite Dinosaurs, Unbelievable Chupacabras, and the Thunder Hawks who are competing against each other making compost(grass, trees limbs, decomposed foods, horse and chicken manure). As a result of the competition the winning team gets and ice cream sundae yummmmm!!!!!!!!!! As the weeks go by we are challenging each other on our weakness and strength so each of us can become a better person and learn more about one another. After this is over we can have a better understanding of each other and grow from the lesson we have learned from participating in the activities we did. The picture of the flowers were one of the photos we took learning about different angles and positions.

new members of business

Hello! We are the business group and we are ready to learn about the business. Our names are Adriana, Anthony, Robert, Abdi, Joshua, Ahmed, Jordan, and Natasha. We are excited and ready learn about the break even analyzes & business planning. :D
Love, Growing Green Business Group.

The Growing Process

The growing green process has been a wonderful experience for Polo peace and Odessa learning the difference between right, privileges, and requirements. Its also been fun working on the farm and doing creative activities. but for elianys and dalitza our experience has been fun to grow plants and vegetables and drawing its been fun meeting new people and having our laughs here and there.Its cool learning new things in growing green its a plessure to be working here with all these great people.

beginning of the summer!

So far the beginning of the summer has been going good. Growing Green has started the summer youth program with different youth. The group of youth seem very nice but they're very quiet. The new interns are fun and funny. I'm having fun so far with the beginning of this summer. Hopefully the new kids start opening up and start talking so we can get to know each other better and make new friends. I'm hoping this summer is gonna be a good one.!!

-Growing Green Outreach member
-Isis Rodriguez

Senator Gillibrand visits MAP

Today was the first day of the program for all of the summer Youth! We played an exciting name game and got to look at some new faces. One of the more memorable parts of the day was the press conference with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. One of our veteran workers Jordan gave an awesome speech about the program. Diane Picard, The executive director of growing green and the Mayor of Buffalo both spoke at the conference, Which detailed the importance of small businesses in the struggling economy. We have a hot week ahead of us which is off to a great start