Plant Life and Ice Cream Sundae

During the week there has been fun activities to do like cooking, eating, farming, learning about photography and learning how to make compost. Everybody participated in the activities and learning about teamwork, it took a lot to be able to keep the flow going and continue to accomplish our goal. We had learned about beginning and the end process of the plant life cycle. Starting from the seed to the full grown plant to become a flower with fruit growing on it. There were three different teams called the Dynamite Dinosaurs, Unbelievable Chupacabras, and the Thunder Hawks who are competing against each other making compost(grass, trees limbs, decomposed foods, horse and chicken manure). As a result of the competition the winning team gets and ice cream sundae yummmmm!!!!!!!!!! As the weeks go by we are challenging each other on our weakness and strength so each of us can become a better person and learn more about one another. After this is over we can have a better understanding of each other and grow from the lesson we have learned from participating in the activities we did. The picture of the flowers were one of the photos we took learning about different angles and positions.

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