Meet Ingabire

I have been working at MAP for almost a year now and I always appreciate my summer time here. This program is all about teaching people (teens) how to work in their community. They give teens jobs and most of all they teach the importance of fresh and healthy food.

My thoughts so far on these weeks that I spent here are that this working place is full of people who are respectful and accepting. We play some games that are really good before starting activities. Every Friday at MAP we make meals and eat together as working members.

MAP has taught me something about the food system and how so many people and things contribute to make you eat the food that you eat. There are producers, consumers, processors, distributors, and waters that are involved in a food system. I am learning so many good things here and I don't regret being here - it's a nice working place. 

Meet Dakota

My thoughts on the first two weeks of work - If I was gonna make any friends or will I still be shy in front of people? I was thinking ‘what are we gonna do here?” My favorite actives are when we play games or when we are in groups learning about stuff. My favorite activity is when we are in our groups talking about the food we cook on our favorite holidays. What I’ve learned about the food systems is that they get all of their food from the garden, or the mobile market, which a truck that has fruits and vegies on it. I wanted to work here so I could know what they do here and how they do it.

Different customers and different markets

By Serge M

Hello, this is Serge once more. For those that don't already know, I've been at MAP for 4 years now and this summer I'm working as a Mobile Market Specialist. To recap what the Mobile Market does, we sell fresh vegetables throughout the city and the vegetables are stored in our refrigerated truck, the explaining how it is mobile.

This blog post is mainly about the different types of customers we get at different locations. This doesn't include customers at Elim place because I have not been there this summer. So, our other locations this summer are:

  • Massachusetts Farm on Tuesday, 4 -6 pm
  • Gerard's Place on Wednesday, 11-1 pm
  • and finally, Salvation Army on Friday, 11-1 pm

Meet Caleb

I am youth from MAP. I have been working with MAP for one school year and half a summer. My favorite activity of the program my be the cooking. Not just the cooking, but the sharing. Every Friday we sit down like a family and enjoy a meal that was put together by a group of teens. That me so much to me that MAP makes sure we all stay connected socially and mentally.

Meet Cameron

 My first two weeks of the Growing Green program were awesome! When I first came to MAP I was a little shy, and I really didn’t wanna talk to anyone. I didn’t really know any one, but after the first two weeks it has been amazing. I’ve learned a lot about farms and gardens and different vegetables.

Meet Isabella

Hello! My name is Isabella. I am in 11th grade and going to iprep at Grover. I thought the first two weeks of orientation were nice because we weren't rushed in learning about MAP, and we got to play games and get to know each other. My favorite activity was when I canvassed and grade people surveys about healthy food in corners stores.

Summer farm update by Alexis

By Alexis S

Back on the farm, and thankfully this time the rain has come to bless our fields. This week was a great week on the farm with the rain helping the crops and the new youth helping to renew our beds.

Every Thursday the new youth come to the farm and helps with maintenance. As of late, we have been working on placing wood chips next to each bed to ensure no weed growth on walking paths. After some hard days of work our beds looked completely transformed.

Meet Soliegh

Photo by Samiyah K

 My name is Soliegh and I came to MAP for a job and also because I'm interest in what they do here. I have really enjoyed the first 2 weeks of work. My favorite part is either the Community Organizing activities we do, or the Friday lunches.

Meet Delilah

My favorite activity in this program is cooking. I love to cook. Cooking actually gives me a quick experience on how it would be to work in a restaurant serving lots of people. When cooking I learn lots of things. While cooking I get to experience the making of different meals, healthy meals at that too. I also like working in groups and discussing how we will make our meal.