Meet Gabby!

My name is Gabriela but I like being called Gabby. My favorite color is red and I like playing sports. I also like being indoors and I help my family in any way I can. I have 2 brothers on my mom’s side and 3 sisters on my dad’s side. My parents are not together anymore. I live with my mom and one of my brothers. I am only 14 years old and I don’t like school as much as animals. I have two best friends, Lizzy and Daniella. I like art but I haven’t been doing it as much. I’ve been lazy lately. I love cookouts. I also like being in my room (when it’s clean) and listening to music. I love having movie nights with snacks with my family and I love going to the mall.

Gabe returns to MAP!

By Gabe C

I am a 16 year old youth working at MAP. I will be attending I-Prep as a junior this coming school year. Other organizations I am involved in include HYPE – Healthy Youth Positive Energy – a district wide youth group that addresses issues students face. I am the current acting president in this group. I am also currently an intern at the Albright-Knox where I work with the public art initiative. My accolades include winning the West Side Community Services Award, being able to skate board and crying only three times a week on average. My hobbies include making good memories with friends, listening to good music, skateboarding and being unable to end paragraphs.

Lucy returns as a Citizenship and Organizing specialist!

My name is Lucy. I consider myself to be a Chinese-born American activist and writer. I am currently 17 years old, born on April 6th at the turn of the century. I am a centennial (and we are better than millennials).

This is my second summer working at MAP. I joined Rebekah Williams and other youth employees on various trips during the 2016-2017 school year, including Common Bound, NESAWG, and the follow-up trip to NYC.

I am a writer and I love being able to create worlds and breathe life into them because writing stories is like doing magic. It’s exhilarating, liberating, and makes me think about my social values. In the same way, I love reading, love diving into someone else’s world and letting it take me for a ride. I plan to read all nine school books this summer.

In addition, I have a passion for science. I haven’t decided my major yet, but I do know I want to study science. Currently, my top choices are environmental science, marine biology, and behavioral neuroscience.

So far I’m enjoying being a Citizenship and Organizing specialist. While I am still hoping to have a chance to volunteer at the farm, I’m looking forward to exploring what C&O has to offer.

MAP Youth visit BPS commisary

We took a tour to BPS commissary where they make all the school lunches and we learn how they make it and transport it. I thought it was fun going there!
~Eddi S
Some things I learned was how the school lunches are made. My favorite part was when we went inside the fridge and how they packed the food so fast. We had a talk about how many schools they give food to.
~Harriette H
Today’s trip was very interesting because I saw where my food came from. I always wondered if my school itself made the food from scratch but it turns out they just heat the food that’s delivered to them. It was also informative.
~Win T

We went on a trip to the BPS food commissary and we learned about the food production that’s being packaged (food that was cooked to the right temperature/ food put to a cold temperature). Ms. O’Brien-Wood said that 29 thousand meals are prepackaged!
~Aidan M
Today we went on a field trip to the BPS food commissary. We saw how they make the food. We were walking around and we saw a lot of food packagers, they work so hard! There is a big big oven and they gave us food for breakfast/lunch. 78% have free lunch in the city of Buffalo.
Today we went to the place where meals for the Buffalo Public Schools are made. I realized that there are a lot different aspects that the director has to pay attention to such as deliveries, temperature of the food, and safety measures which can make it harder to manage cosmetic things, like taste and appearance. I think when individuals complain about the quality of the food, they should consider the other labor one has to go through to provide fresh and nutritious food for them.
~Aking M

Today we saw how the food was packaged. We also learned where the food goes and how they get to the school. They all take about a day to get made and they get shipped out the same day.
~Yeishalie R
Something that I learned today was that almost all of the food that the BPS in Buffalo have, Bridget controls what we have on our menu. Some of the workers at the place don’t have degrees. They have different rooms for different foods depending on the temperature. The workers have to make sure that the food is at a frozen stage in order to pack up and ship to the schools.

Win Returns!

By Win T

Hi everyone, I’m 15 years old. I am about to be sophomore at Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. I am Burmese and Karen, so I am tri-lingual if you include English. In my free time I like to watch TC and sit outside. My favorite food is friend shrimp because I love seafood. I also love, love, love fruits. They taste absolutely amazing and are healthy. I like working at MAP because it gives me the opportunity to make my community a better place.

Meet Kayla!

By Kayla M

My name is Kayla. I like to be independent. Making my own money is very important to me because one day I’m gonna buy my way our of the hood. I come from the east side of Buffalo, and now I’m living on the west side. Math is also important to me because I would like to go to college for a business degree in finance and management. In my free time I listen to music or sleep. My favorite food is chicken fingers and fries with honey mustard or barbeque sauce. The best part of working at MAP is meeting new people. For the remainder of the summer I will be in Philly.

Meet Puja!

Hello, my name is Puja. I am from Nepal. I am 16 years old. I have my mom and brother. In my free time I like to watch Hindi drama and talking with my mom. My favorite food is salad and momo. I like to eat salad and momo because it’s for your health. I like to work at MAP because It’s dun and I learned more about plants, foods and fruits. My plans for this summer is working at MAP and spending time with my coworkers and friends.

MAP Youth visit Blue Hill Farm and Native Offerings

The dairy farm field trip was interesting. We saw different series of cows and how the milk are taken from the cow and stored in a big container. We also went to the farm where vegetables and crops were grown, such as cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes. We learned about about how the food gets from the farm to the city!
~Peter M

We went to native offerings and learned about produce and looked at their farmland and saw what they were growing. We learned about how they grew everything.
Blue Hill was really fun. We saw cows and a really really cute farm cat. The baby cows were really cute and we learned about how we managed the cows.
~Frances W

When the MAP youth visited Blue Hill dairy farm, I know I enjoyed myself immensely. We took a tour of the farmlands, saw cows, petted cows, and met an awesome barn cat. It was radical, and it took all my effort to not steal the cat.
~Gabriel C

So last week we went to a farm and I learned how the yogurt and cheese is made and how they collect the fruit and vegetable. I found out that cows on a farm are cool to have.
~Daniel S

Meet Daniel!

Hi there, my name is Daniel, and I am 16 years old. I was born on August 4th. My original language is Spanish. My family is incredible. I have my mother, father, stepfather, stepmother, 5 brothers and 3 sisters. What I like to do in my free time is play basketball, ride my bike, eat, sleep and play video games. My favorite foods are pizza and tacos. I like them because they are really goof and easy to make. The best part about working at MAP is meeting so many good people that let me be their friend. I also like the games that we play. This work makes me feel like I am at home and I can be myself around people. My plans for the rest of the summer are to ride my bike and go see my sister’s soccer practice. I really like the sport!

Meet Angelica!

My name is Angelica. I have two younger sisters and one older brother. I just turned 16. What I like to do in my free time is sleep. My favorite hobbies are eating and sleeping. I also like cleaning and organizing when I’m stressed. I was born in Chicago, and raised in Puerto Rico. I’m known for my crazy curls and dimples (that are now fading) and almost always doing my eyeliner.

Meet Harriette!

By Harriette

I come from Puerto Rico. I have 1 older brother and 1 younger sister. In my free time I like to sleep and play volleyball. My favorite food is pizza. The best part about MAP is when we play games and get paid. For the rest of the summer I’m planning to do good at MAP.

Meet Myo!

My name is Myo, The three major parts of my identity is my humor, the sports I play and my education. These are important because they identify me. I play soccer because it was the sport I grew up with and it is fun. My education is important because it identifies our knowledge and what we do. My humor is really important because it identifies who I am as a person. My favorite food is Thai food. I like it because it tastes really good to me. The best part of working at MAP are the people in here. MAP is fun and we work well together.

Checking in with Ingabire!

By Ingabire A

I am 16 years old and am a junior at Emerson School of Hospitality. I was born in Congo and because of war my parents moved to Kenya where I spent most of my childhood. It’s now my third year in the USA. I started working at MAP in the beginning of the summer of 2015. MAP has influenced me in a lot of ways. I learned farming, being an activist and ho to communicate with people. I have made friends through MAP and went to places like NYC, Connecticut and Washington DC.

I want to graduate high school and go to a college of my choice. I want to dorm for college. I love clothes, which lead me to be interested in fashion. I want to be a blogger and a journalist and a model. I want to be able to travel one day around the whole world.