Lucy returns as a Citizenship and Organizing specialist!

My name is Lucy. I consider myself to be a Chinese-born American activist and writer. I am currently 17 years old, born on April 6th at the turn of the century. I am a centennial (and we are better than millennials).

This is my second summer working at MAP. I joined Rebekah Williams and other youth employees on various trips during the 2016-2017 school year, including Common Bound, NESAWG, and the follow-up trip to NYC.

I am a writer and I love being able to create worlds and breathe life into them because writing stories is like doing magic. It’s exhilarating, liberating, and makes me think about my social values. In the same way, I love reading, love diving into someone else’s world and letting it take me for a ride. I plan to read all nine school books this summer.

In addition, I have a passion for science. I haven’t decided my major yet, but I do know I want to study science. Currently, my top choices are environmental science, marine biology, and behavioral neuroscience.

So far I’m enjoying being a Citizenship and Organizing specialist. While I am still hoping to have a chance to volunteer at the farm, I’m looking forward to exploring what C&O has to offer.

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