MAP Youth visit BPS commisary

We took a tour to BPS commissary where they make all the school lunches and we learn how they make it and transport it. I thought it was fun going there!
~Eddi S
Some things I learned was how the school lunches are made. My favorite part was when we went inside the fridge and how they packed the food so fast. We had a talk about how many schools they give food to.
~Harriette H
Today’s trip was very interesting because I saw where my food came from. I always wondered if my school itself made the food from scratch but it turns out they just heat the food that’s delivered to them. It was also informative.
~Win T

We went on a trip to the BPS food commissary and we learned about the food production that’s being packaged (food that was cooked to the right temperature/ food put to a cold temperature). Ms. O’Brien-Wood said that 29 thousand meals are prepackaged!
~Aidan M
Today we went on a field trip to the BPS food commissary. We saw how they make the food. We were walking around and we saw a lot of food packagers, they work so hard! There is a big big oven and they gave us food for breakfast/lunch. 78% have free lunch in the city of Buffalo.
Today we went to the place where meals for the Buffalo Public Schools are made. I realized that there are a lot different aspects that the director has to pay attention to such as deliveries, temperature of the food, and safety measures which can make it harder to manage cosmetic things, like taste and appearance. I think when individuals complain about the quality of the food, they should consider the other labor one has to go through to provide fresh and nutritious food for them.
~Aking M

Today we saw how the food was packaged. We also learned where the food goes and how they get to the school. They all take about a day to get made and they get shipped out the same day.
~Yeishalie R
Something that I learned today was that almost all of the food that the BPS in Buffalo have, Bridget controls what we have on our menu. Some of the workers at the place don’t have degrees. They have different rooms for different foods depending on the temperature. The workers have to make sure that the food is at a frozen stage in order to pack up and ship to the schools.

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