The faces of MAP youth 2016-2017

We started this fall's Growing Green program with an activity called Picasso Portraits led by Ismet Mamnoon. Each person had to draw a portrait of the person across from them but, you could not look at your paper and you couldn't lift up your pen!

What's growing in the garden | Fall 2016

All the rain we've had this fall has helped our garden recover from such a dry summer. There has been so much lush, green growth throughout the month of September, and so many fruits! Tomatoes, eggplant, sweet peppers and hot peppers have all been abundant.

 There is one large pumpkin slowly ripening. Every time we visit the garden we hope it is still there, and not smashed (which was the fate of last years' pumpkins). It is big enough to be a jack-o-lantern!
The potato tub is now home to carrots, which have been growing like crazy since they were seeded a month ago. Hopefully they will be ready to eat before winter!