HI Everybody Zoe here. Just wanted to let you know that we are going on a best practice tour in mid-March to look at other urban agriculture programs and get some ideas for our Mobile Market and Rise Up Cafe.

 We are going to Logan Square, in Chicago and Growing Power, in Milwaukee. We took a visit to Growing Power a few years ago and they are amazing! They grow Talapia fish and plants in harmony. The fish waste feeds the plants and the plants filter fresh water for the fish. They also have gotten into the business of farming worm castings. Its some of the best compost around and sells and a premium price. Here are some pics from our last trip.

We'll see you guys when we get back . . with pictures.


nutrition facts label

Hey what's up this is Ashley writing to you. We have just got our nutrition facts label and our UPC label so we are coming up with a new label to put on our jars. We have to get these labels because some stores, the big ones, won't sell your products with out them. We're tryin to get in the big time, like sellin at Wegmans and Tops, here we come! They might look different but there still the same product you have come to know and love. We also sell our products at the winter market every other Sunday from 1pm-4pm. we are doing great!

thanks for listening

Hey this is Angel from Growing Green Works.I'm here to tell you about our new product, they are Chico Bags. We sell them for $5 each and are colorful, collapsible and they are good for the environment. The Chico Bags better the environment because instead of using plastic bags and they don't break down, you can just use your Chico Bag when you go shopping or you just need a bag. We also will be selling them with our other products at the winter market and other places. the money we make on these bags goes to pay for our Mobile Market, which is a produce store on wheels that will go all over Buffalo. It's a supermarket that comes to you kinda like an ice cream truck. We are doing this because some of the neighborhoods that don't have a supermarket near them could buy the fresh produce that we have to offer. It also has another propose and that is to educate the people on how to eat healthy and how food effects our lives.
peace Angel