Eh Soe's thoughts from the garden

This bed looks pretty awesome.
Overwintered spinach has been harvested four times this spring. In the background, carrots will be ready for harvest in a few weeks. 

Ms. Lorna's Public Speaking Tips

Ms. Lorna is an amazing woman.  She came to MAP two times to teach us about public speaking.  The second time she came, she gave us some tips for speaking in front of people, today or in the future.

West Side Vs. Masten District

By Supo, Caleb, Say Ra, Dary, and Thaint
In the beginning of the year, we the Citizenship & Organizing Group worked together on a project to bring healthy fresh food to corner stores.  Our project plan was to go to four corner stores in the Masten District to communicate with the store owners, inform them about food deserts, and see if they were willing to work alongside us.

Before we even started our project, we interviewed stakeholders that we thought would give us great information to help us with our project.  One of the stakeholders that we first interviewed was Derek Nichols from Grassroots Gardens Buffalo.  Derek is a board member of the Western New York Environmental Alliance.  He told us to speak with the Mobile Safety Net Team.  We also talked with MAP’s youth employees about our project to get some feedback and ideas from them.

What's flowering in the garden | May 2016

May flowers are in abundance in the youth garden this spring. The past few weeks of cool weather means flower blossoms have lasted an extra long time. Above - a peach flower, the emblem of springtime,  promises fruit later in the summer.