Tomarrow is 2nd annual flap jacks for the farm.We wiil be serving pancakes,bacon and sausage.mmm sounds great.The fee is $10 per adult and $5 for kids under 14 at the door.We are looking foward to your presence..Times will be serving at 9:oo am , 10:30 am and 12:00 pm.It is going to be held at Trinity Episcopal church 371 Delaware ave Buffalo NY. We will selling our Growing Green merchandise.We will also be having a chicken naming raffle...We Hope to see you all there


Where Am I Wearing/ Where Are You Wearing

Hey everybody it's Ashley here I'm writing about the book we have been reading for our check in. Where Am I Wearing is a book by Kelsey Timmerman, it is written about Kelsey's experiences with his favorite clothes, his favorite clothes are all American made but made in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, and in places like Honduras, these clothes that are supposed to be all American are the farthest from being American made. He then travels to the places that his clothes are made to see the sweat shops they are made in. Even though they make hardly any money they don't want us Americans to stop buying the clothes they make because they will no longer have any money or jobs. We have been discussing our opinions on what we think about how "sweat shops" work, I think that yes they get paid hardly any money for the work they do but its the only job that they have and if we don't buy the items that they make it'll be more costly for us to buy and they wont be able to buy food for there families. I think though that we should find a way to work with the companies so that they pay there workers more and give them better working conditions and benefits. Now I'm off to label some cases of our product for our Flapjacks For The Farm pancake breakfest in the morning (March 27, 2010).