Whats up blogger this is Amanda and Tia we are new members of the growing green program.So far we have learned about growing green works business group. This summer we are making a new product. The new product we are making is going to be a salad dressing its going to be better then ever. We are having a famous chief come out on Wednesday the 23 and show us the procedure on how to make the salad dressing.

What's up everyone? A couple of weeks ago we went to see MOS DEF talk about contemporary issues in popular culture. I think it was May 1st. We (Natasha and Uniqua, Jesse, Erin and Zoe) went to Buffalo State College to hear him speak and take questions from students and the community. Bakari Kitwana, from Rap Sessions, started off asking MOS questions about the influence of media on society, on youth and other issues that we face today. He was really comfortable talking in front of everyone and pretty funny. We were hoping to listen, maybe ask a question about youth leadership and give him a t-shirt. Zoe asked him a question about what books he thought were good reads for youth today. He said some good books were the Biography of Malcolm X, Biography of Assada Shakoor, and a few others. He gave some advice to people about how the media is too influential over the ideas people have and politics. It was a pretty decent talk. The best part is after he finished talking he took a picture with our T-shirt!!!!!! So everyone take a look and be jealous!!!! Peace