Hi my name is Abdi Sheikh, this past Monday i was challenged to not eat meat and that idea came from a movie that we watch the movies is called food inc .When i try not to eat meat for a day it was not very bad i mean that day the whole day i ate food like rice and beans and some other good and healthy food not involving meat . So basally my family were eating meat but when they tend to eat i just dont sit near them. That the kind of experience i had on not eating meat for a day.

my personal challage

Hey its Jordan and I'm here today reporting about what we can do to help make a healthier world. Growing Greeners are taking on challenges to help support our bodies and mother earth by taking action in our every day lives. I'd like to talk about how my personal food system challenge has been going over the past week. WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW things have been hard...Now I love pop....I am so thirsty for my quenching Ginger Ale.I have been on my personal quest to help support a healthier me and better food system as part of the Food Inc. action challenge.I have been successful for a whole week.I have had some tempting experiences at school and at the dinner table but have pushed threw for myself, resisting the sparkling beverage and doing a little something to take a stand against High Fructose Corn Syrup for the food system.I've grown attached to helping not only myself but the nation and doing small things in my day to day life, as much as i can.But yes i will continue my quest in the battle to boycott non-local products and HFCS products.I say this with pride i will take all the steps necessary to follow out with my plans. If you feel like you'd like to take a step and challenge yourself, support organizations like MAP or go to this website for some tips (http://www.foodincmovie.com/get-involved.php) You can make a difference
Thank you Peace


Hello everybody its me Jordan from Growing Green Works, the youth enterprise! This picture is from the summer but hey it's still of me! Anyways to day I'm blogging about our presentation . Yesterday we presented at Senator Antoine Tompson's Business Gets Green monthly Networking Event, in front of a lot of green business professionals and companies in Western New York.
It was so scary and we were so nervous. We learned a lot from other companies and about plans for going more green in Architecture, energy consumption and in our region in general . About the presentation. We went in there with courage and determination to show everyone that teens can go toe to toe with adults and tell them all about growing green and our enterprise. We were the only group to talk about the connection between food and the environment and why it is important to buy local and organic. At the end we there was a question and answer part where people came and talked to us about Growing Green, and we got some good offers from people about our upcoming plans for a new green house, field trips and Buffalo's first aquaponics system.

We were told we did a great job and was the first of all the presenters to get some applause.Even though we know people could tell we were a little nervous, we pulled through as a team and got our points across.Today we are learning more about how to give better presentations and to not be so nervous. A good lesson from this is that you've got to try your hardest in life and never give up under pressure, even if u are scared .Pull through and remember practice makes perfect..
There is this great event going on in April that we will be at.
It is called the BUFFALO NIAGARA GREEN EXPO.it is Saturday, April 17,2010 at the Waldin Galleria
All kinds of Green Businesses and companies will be there . . . including Growing Green Works. Hope to see you there.
well hope to right to you all again.