Grow Up

By Kiara Cureton

During my stay in Connecticut with MAP, I had a lot of highs and a lot of lows.  Overall I had a good time with my peers and co-workers, but sadly enough my lows had me ready to return to my home town and snuggle up in my warm cozy bed.  Things that contributed to me wanting to go home was this one persons' horrible and nasty behavior.  I'm not one that likes to be disrespected or to see others being disrespected, but with all that being said, I am sad to say I witnessed an adult acting out as if they were a child and just behaving rudely.

Different Schools, Different Farms

By Mariah Waller

Last week we took a trip to Connecticut.  It was very different and fun.  Although the drive was extremely long, I enjoyed myself and I saw stuff I’ve never seen before.  For example, the first place we stopped to look was a high school called Common Ground.  It was a pretty small school, but it was connected with a farm.

Farm to School and Student Health

Hey guys, Chantal Kwade here again, MAP intern from Buffalo State College.  Here is another article I wrote about farm to school.  You should check it out, learn more about farm to school, and share this article with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Farm to school legislation is advancing as part of the Child Nutrition Act (CNR) and we need everyone to become an effective advocate so that farm to school gets the support it needs from Congress.

I think farm to school is beneficial for families, children, farmers, and the community by promoting healthy, local produce from our community as well as receiving an education to promote better living.  One of the best ways to get children familiarized with healthy foods is at school.  Kids spend half of their time at school so it’s only best if they are served a healthy nutritious meal from their school cafeterias on a daily basis.  Many students dislike the food that is served to them.  They will either eat only pieces of their school lunch or nothing at all.