Different Schools, Different Farms

By Mariah Waller

Last week we took a trip to Connecticut.  It was very different and fun.  Although the drive was extremely long, I enjoyed myself and I saw stuff I’ve never seen before.  For example, the first place we stopped to look was a high school called Common Ground.  It was a pretty small school, but it was connected with a farm.

Common Ground High School was very different from any other school I’ve ever seen before.  There were like 10 classrooms and the lunch room was very tiny, but they had real silverware to eat their lunch with!  In Buffalo we have plastic silverware.  On their farm they have all kinds of animals.  We got to see the chickens lay their eggs and when the eggs got wet they changed colors.

All these things were new for me. For the first time I touched a chicken!  On our farm I wouldn’t even come close to the chicken coop and I most definitely wouldn’t touch a chicken, but I told myself I’m going to try new things.

There are three ways high school students could work on the farm. The first way, is that certain classes would require students to work on the farm.  The second way, is when seniors need community service hours they would work on the farm.  The third way is certain seniors would get hired and their minimum wage was $9, almost $10!  I was super jealous, but the seniors told us things like houses, clothes, and food, are more expensive down there, then here in Buffalo.  Common Ground High School only has about 180 students which was so crazy to me, because my school has about 800 students!

I wish my school first had real silverware, but more importantly, I wish they were more involved with outside activities, like having a garden and focusing more on healthy foods.

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