My name is Sarah Powell and I have been working here at Growing Green Works for almost a month. I like my job with the business group so far and we get along pretty well. I like to be in a challenged environment, which I why I chose the business group. I like my decision for the most part. Everyone here is kind and fun to be around, so I feel comfortable. Right now, we have a list of tasks, so..........Bye until time!

* Sarah Powell*

what's up this Angel from growing green works. We recently went to the broadway market selling our Amazing Chili Starter and our new Super Duper Salsa. It's been fun selling the products face-to-face meeting all different types of people and seeing how much they love our products. the other thing people found interesting is how our business is run by youth and how we help try to get people to eat healthy. At first I was nervous but as the day kept going I started to get more into it. The funny things about it is that some people stared to talk about their hole life story and they wouldn't leave for at least an hour or so. The other thing was that we sold more Chili Starter than the salsa. I was proud of myself for how many jars I sold that day.