Growing Green jobs for youth

Urban farming can be used to create jobs for youth in the community. Growing Green is a great example, youth can come and learn about urban farming and food justice. One green job that GG has taught its youth is composting. We use scraps of food that we get from restaurants and the Erie County Culinary Department. We also grow fresh organic produce on our urban farm sell value added products to people in Buffalo and Western New York.
Growing Green spreads the idea of green jobs by hosting events such as our Spring Urban Agriculture training. This training allowed people from all across the country to come and learn about how to start there own Green Businesses, like aquaponics or niche market vegetables. Another way Growing Green spreads ideas of Green Jobs is by inviting people to our urban farm to learn about what were doing and why we are doing it. By spreading the idea of buying local we are helping to make the food system more sustainable.
Green jobs are the key to a better future for us all. They will help save our environment and boost our economy. The tools are avalibale to start alot a of green jobs everywhere we just have to be creative and provide the right education to the people.