Ethics and Business

Hello friends it's Esmeileen here from the Youth Enterprise. Today we talked about how important it is for businesses to think about more than just how to make a profit. There are some really nasty things that businesses will do to make a profit. We only have one planet yall so we need to take care of it!!!! It is our job as a social enterprise to carry out our business in a way that doesnt hurt people, animals and the environment and in fact tries to help them. here are some ides from our conversation about ethics in business.

**Things businesses can do to be Socially Conscious**

*-Do more recycling...(paper, lables, use recyclable materials for packaging, ect.)
*-Make your products in a way that respects the air, soil, water, plant life and for all life to go on
*-Fund community activities like teach-ins, diversity training, scholarships, environmental clean ups, tree planting, and mentoring, etc.
*-find ways to help people and treat them as they might want to be treated
*-Use some profits to Donate to charities or promote socially responsible investing for your employees.
*-Do more composting.
*-Buy more local American Brand Clothing
*-Make products with local ingredients, use less fossil fuels in your production .
*-Do things to make sure that your workforce is happy and respected. Make sure that you have ways to promote diversity and teach how to overcome racism, sexism, bigotry, and other bad isms at the work place.

**Wayz GRowing Green Works tries to be socially conscious:

*-We buy as much of our materials as possible locally to bring money back to the community and help make less pollution, use less gas, and fresher veggies taste better!
*-Growing Green Works hires local youth and gives them skills to live more sustainable way and teach others to do it to.
*-We grow Organic Food on our urban farm.
*-We work Hard to bring awareness to the community about doing things in a sustainable way and how other youth can make a difference in your community and the world.
*-We bring fresh, Locally grown, Organic food to people in different neighborhoods who dont have easy access to grocery stores.
here's a good quote. Its from Chief Seattle He was a Native American leader in the and all around smart guy.
"You must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes of your grandfathers. So that they will respect the land, tell your children that the earth is rich with the lives of our kin. Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves.”
Well peace people and please think about what you do.
Hello my name is Esmeileen Vazquez, I am one of the new additions to the YOUTH ENTERPRISE group for M.A.P & Growing Green.
I am 15 years old and i am attending my Sophmore year at Riverside High .
-Working with M.A.P is fun and its helping me develope my social skills, i get to work with other youth my age and we chill and work but its fun.

So while iv been here iv made many friends,I do inventory,sales and this DA BLOG.I enjoy my job and the time i spend here.I learn many things and this gives me great future experiences.Today we talked about our up coming events.such as OUR TURKEY BASH.Even thought this is my first blog i am in the process of kinda... figuring out how this works.LOL...But hey I just did so.Good Bye for now.I hope to write again.With the help of my handy dandy notebook.Jordan.Thanks.

Hey there Everybody its me Jordan.Here at growing green we had such a great time on Saturday. The Growing Green kids Ashly,Natasha, Esmeileen, Abdi, Omar and Zoe and Jesse made OUR WONDERFUL SUPER DUPER SALSA and AMAZING CHILI STARTER!!!!!!!

WE had our fun and had PLENTY of laughs.We cut, and chopped over 900 ponds of vegetables . The smell and aromas were crazy...LOL people crying and sniffling at the 124 pounds of onions.

WE also learned many things about the mixing. WE put them in Big steaming pots called Electric Steam Jacketed Kettles. They hold 40 gallons of liquids each.They have thermometers and electric mixers with various speed setting on them.
ALL TOGETHER THAT DAY WAS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWSOME.And in plus we all got to no each other a little better and hang out.
This is Jordan
hi my name is Abdi sheikh. I am from Nairobi,Kenya. I am 15 years old, and I go to Bennett high school. This is my first year in Growing Green and i love it so far. today i was labelling jars of amazing chili starter so we can sell them at the Apple Festival on Saturday.

The Beginning GGYE fall 2009

Hey everyone it's Ashley here to tell you about how things are going with our group. Were here for another school year, working hard getting ready for demos and a new product. Today in class we went over basic job orientation, like attendance and what is asked of us. We are also going over professional phone calls and professional emails. Here is Abdi and Michael showing off our products at Wegmans. Well I can't say to much cause not much has been happening yet but come and get a taste of our Amazing Chili Starter at Wegmans on Military Road in Niagara Falls Saturday, Oct. 17th. We're regional!!

Looking forward to seeing you there.
The Youth Enterprise

Summer program Coming to an End

The summer is almost over, the program ends in two days...Today August 18 2009 we all worked to finish our apprentice cards as much as we could and spent most of our time to together..We made artwork to improve our growing green area..Also defined definitions that we were supposed to now,worked on our farm harvesting.We played fun games and had a great time.As this summer program is soon to end and everyone is sticking together.As these next to days go by we will bond and appreciate the time we have spent together.That's all for now but ill see you in to day..peace out..

Jordan V signing off

Trip to Camp Cherith

On August 11, 2009, we went to Camp Cherith. While there we went swimming, canoeing. and we played games like Mission Impossible, Capture the Flag, and Guessers and Minions. We had sandwiches , personal pizzas, hamburgers, hotdogs for lunch and dinner. For breakfast we ate pancakes, eggs, and bacon with orange juice. My favorite part of the trip was canoeing and playing Mission Impossible. We made s'mores at night. Those were DELICIOUS!!!!!! The trip was fun and exciting!!!

Be Vocal Eat Local

OMG...LOL....This week was so amazing.We all had a great time this week at the Growing Green Be Vocal Eat Local Cook Out. We had live music,face painting,BBQ, and skits and over 250 people!!!.The food we cooked was delicious. There was potatoes, mac & cheese, salsa, chips, grilled chicken, hot dogs and mmm my favorite sausage. All the guests kept coming up for seconds...OH and people really enjoyed our skits. There were laughs, giggles, and chuckles everywhere. Every team did an amazing job. They sent out the message clearly.

You should have seen all the little kids and their face painting. They all looked cute and funny. There were batman designs, tigers, cats, princess tiaras and much more. The kids enjoyed it. Smiles on their faces mad it all better. We were having such a good time the grown ups were even dancing. We had our official DJ LoPro come and hit us up with some oldies and new joints...But the through it all i think we got the real message across..(EAT LOCAL BUY LOCAL)...Help Save our earth...Compost Properly...and give our friendly earth a helping hand. WE here at Growing Green are happy with the outcome.....AWESOME>>>>>>>: )

Growing Green Works Products evreywhere!!!

Hey everybody!!! Today the youth enterprise group went to a bunch of stores that carry our products. We looked at where our products were on the shelves and how that could add or take away from our future sales. We went to Wegmans, Guercios, lexington Coop Market and Globe Market. Take a look at our funny pics! ;?

Customer Service

Today we learned the basics on customer service...and the presentation of our farm stand.We learned how to aide our customers and to make our stand seem more appealing to them in many ways.First we figured out what we could do to help us help them..Such as being honest, authentic and giving interesting information about our products.We made a set of Customer Service policies for Growing GReen Works including being positive when speaking with customers, building relationships with our customers and doing our business with a smile (not a corny one a real one) .We also learned tips in merchandising to increase our sales at the stand like making displays look abundant and handing people information relating to what we are talking about. What a great day...:) peace Jordan and Abdi

The Riverkeeper

Yesterday we went on a field trip to see the Buffalo Niagra Riverkeeper. It was pretty awesome. I never knew what a riverkeeper was or that it even existed. We learned about a whole bunch of jobs that will be available to us in the near future that will help us to fix our water. We also learned about how we live on the great lakes and should take advantage of that by boating and fishing and stuff. There are a lot of problems with the water due to pollution from factories that used to exist in Buffalo and now we are starting to see the effects of that pollution on our water and fish. I found it interesting to learn about the water in Buffalo because it's something I usually don't think about and I found out a lot of information about it. Some things I learned that we can do in order to help clean water is to not throw stuff in it and to watch what I put in my body because it comes out in the water when we use the bathroom. In order to conserve water I learned that we can use rain barrels and do stuff like turn off the water when we're not using it and not wash clothes on rainy days because it contributes to the sewers getting blocked up. This was like the second field trip us growing green youth have been on and it was really FUN!

Growing Green at Roswell Park

Today was fun...We went to roswell park.We met new people and had some good food..we sold  amazing chili starter..we all spent time together to work as a team..we got to each other talk and get to now the people.We had great feed back from the news, artvoice, and videos and much more..Some were locals of the west side area and new us right off the back..i was so proud..i had learned much from my co workers rachel and james..they have given me an experience to remember..through it all me (jordan), rachel and james were satisfied with our outcome..Thank you to roswell park for their generosity .....peace....

what we have been up to

We read our article that was recently in the buffalo news paper. It was a article about our mobile market. We have also been working on making posters for be vocal eat local week. This is a very important project because we want to get the word out to everyone. A quote that i found very cool is "If you give a man a fish he can eat for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish he can eat for ever" I found that quote cool because that's what Growing Green does for me and others also. Instead of just giving us fresh and organic food they teach us how to grow it and new interesting facts that I never knew before.

Let us introduce ourselves...

Hello everyone!
It's Michelle, Isis, Jon, Juan, and James here. With our combined superpowers we form the Be Vocal Eat Local week coordination team! We are in charge of planning multiple events that will take place during the first week of August. One event we are planning is a self-guided walk that will let participants get to know the urban farms and community gardens around Buffalo better. Also, we will be visiting the Roswell Farmers Market where we will be selling our Super Duper Salsa and Amazing Chili Starter, as well as passing out flyers for our community cookout which is the biggest event we are planning. The cookout will take place on Thursday August 6th at our urban farm on Massachusetts Avenue. Everyone is invited!!! That's all for now. Keep an eye out for more updates...


Today we watched a movie called viva la causa. It was a documentary about the grape pickers of California and their struggle for workers rights.we had a discussion about different kind of activism and the positive and negative effects of each .

Art group

Art Group

About us:
Our group in my expression is the only group that I know that can combine things and create it as a drawing to Growing Green to support Map and for me in this group I want to help and make this group more Creative and lots of team work.
Um the things that we do as an example today were making a poster for Be Vocal Eat Local and want the picture to look like a person would look at it as a place to bring others to or to hang out and have fun.This poster that were making its really not hard but have only a couple weeks to finish it and I think with me in this group I can figure out a faster way and Making this group very Artistic.

Why This Group Was What you wanted:

I wanted this group because the skill that I have and Learned threw out the years in many art classes and the way people and family/friends comment my pics and the way I create them.Art has follow threw me since 2nd grade.I picture me as a artist everyday and being with good people around me.When the time I heard Art I voted for this group,I made shore I can do anything to be in this group because I know this Job is for me and I wanted to show my group and my job you have a very talented Employee.

Wow!!!!! Yesterday we all had a great day!!!it was our first day working there.We did canvassing..Went around to invite people to come buy local grown food from the urban farm. We had some great responses...We sold peaches,apples,lettuce,bean sprouts, cabbage and broccoli.We gave a tour of our urban farm to some out of state people.They enjoyed our farm....but through it all we enjoyed the new experience....Yay!!!:) <3

Declaration - Team Brillant Hawxx

Today we talked about health, food and place. We also talked about what we think all people deserve. This is our (wo)manifesto(a) from Team Brilliant Hawxx. What do you think of our list? Do you agree?

MAP's Mobile Market Takes to the Streets

Keep a look out for the Buffalo Grown Mobile Market now traveling to sites on the East and Westsides of Buffalo. It carries fresh locally grown produce and bulk rice and lentils, all organic and cheap too. We will also be offering seedlings for your own home garden for a limited time. Check back for updates about schedule and locations. And keep your eyes peeled and shop for yummy local veggies grown by youth on the Growing Green Youth Farm.

Good News! Sanjoy stopped laser beaming the interns, so now we can get to work on the Mobile Market!

As you can see, the Mobile Market is up and running after some set backs, and we're off to serve local neighborhoods with limited or no access to fresh, affordable foods.

Howdy blogosphere!

This is LD, summer intern and Green Team extraordinaire! Along with my five friends, I will be helping out around the farm, the MAP offices, and in various aspects of Growing Green this summer!

Let's get to know some of the cool interns that'll be around this summer:

Becky Miller - Houghton College

Becky is our cook and will be assisting with snack preparation and helping the team that is in charge of lunch that week with recipes, shopping, and preparation.

Bryan Overland - Houghton College

Bryan is a farm hand and will be assisting Jesse with special projects on the farm including the new aquaponics system as well as working with a small group.

James O'Dea - Indiana University

James is helping coordinate our big event of the summer Be Vocal Eat Local as well as assist Diane, our executive director.

Jeff Andersen - Houghton College

Jeff is also a farm hand and will help Jesse and Bryan with the aquaponics system on the farm and also lead a small group.

Laura Day - Houghton College

That's ME! I'm in charge of the outreach group, documenting the summer and also taming the white board. I'll also work with a group of y'all to get growing green!

Rachel Pszonak - Gordon College

Rachel is helping organize the Mobile Market, making sure that we have fresh veggies to sell to our friends and neighbors. She will also be leading a small group.

I am super excited to be working with y'all on this summers projects, which are looking pretty awesome by the way. Any seafood lovers out there? Well you're in luck, because Jesse built us a fantastic aquaponic system with about 1,200 Tilapia fish in a 1,500 gallon tank, over which are two beds of water cress. Sounds weird, huh?

Check the sweet graphic below.

Basically, the fish eat algae, then the plants use nutrients from the fish waste and filter the water at the same time. Yummy! There will be more details on this project and others (think worms working and tall trellises) later on in the summer, when we'll have a chance to hear from YOU, the summer crew!

If you want to see other media related to Growing Green and MAP throughout the year, check out the links toolbar on the right -->

Thanks for visiting and I'm sure I'll see you again soon!



New Interns Blasted by Sanjoy's Laser Eyes During Orientation in the Greenhouse!

just kidding.. but really, it was intense. Now we're ready to go crazy this summer!

New pergola in the garden for grapes, peas and beans to grow up. In the background, interns preparing the liner for the new aquaponics system in the greenhouse.
In April25 2009 we had a big kick off at Wegmans at Alberta Drive. Both of our products are now available in two different Wegmans in Western New York. this means that more people will know about Growing Green and also more sales which is good for the organization. When we had the kick off it was the first day that we had our Salsa and Chili Starter at this Alberta Drive store, so we were letting people sample our products and we were getting the word out about Growing Green.
The event was a huge success. We sold about 65 and Growing Green Youth Enterprise was known by a lot of people in that area. Most of people were interested in hearing about our program and the great things that we do
Hodan Hussein - Growing Green Youth Worker

Hi my friends, this is Hodan Hussein from Growing Green Business Group. On Saturday 03/07/09 we had a huge pancake breakfast for fund raising at Trinity Episcopal. We had over 250 people, like 4 different kinds of pancakes and local sausage, bacon, fruit and juice. The youth did a presentation and we featured our adopt a bed program where people can adopt a garden bed at our urban farm and sponsor the growth of food for a neighborhood. It was so successful and all the people worked very hard to make the event amazing as it urned out. We raise like beyond what we were expecting, almost $4,000, and we were so happy. More events will be coming up so we will keep you informed. talk to you later.
Hodan Hussein
Hi everyone , this is Hodan. We just came back from winter break and we are working on pricing for our upcoming new product. Besides that we just got an opportunity for an end-cap at Lexington co-op on Elmwood. We are excited because this is the first opportunity to have a really big display of our products at a store, our product wont just be another jar on the shelf, we will have a big display of our salsa the end of an aisle (hence the term end-cap). Please feel free to stop by and grab a jar, they will be on sale this week.