The Riverkeeper

Yesterday we went on a field trip to see the Buffalo Niagra Riverkeeper. It was pretty awesome. I never knew what a riverkeeper was or that it even existed. We learned about a whole bunch of jobs that will be available to us in the near future that will help us to fix our water. We also learned about how we live on the great lakes and should take advantage of that by boating and fishing and stuff. There are a lot of problems with the water due to pollution from factories that used to exist in Buffalo and now we are starting to see the effects of that pollution on our water and fish. I found it interesting to learn about the water in Buffalo because it's something I usually don't think about and I found out a lot of information about it. Some things I learned that we can do in order to help clean water is to not throw stuff in it and to watch what I put in my body because it comes out in the water when we use the bathroom. In order to conserve water I learned that we can use rain barrels and do stuff like turn off the water when we're not using it and not wash clothes on rainy days because it contributes to the sewers getting blocked up. This was like the second field trip us growing green youth have been on and it was really FUN!

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