Be Vocal Eat Local

OMG...LOL....This week was so amazing.We all had a great time this week at the Growing Green Be Vocal Eat Local Cook Out. We had live music,face painting,BBQ, and skits and over 250 people!!!.The food we cooked was delicious. There was potatoes, mac & cheese, salsa, chips, grilled chicken, hot dogs and mmm my favorite sausage. All the guests kept coming up for seconds...OH and people really enjoyed our skits. There were laughs, giggles, and chuckles everywhere. Every team did an amazing job. They sent out the message clearly.

You should have seen all the little kids and their face painting. They all looked cute and funny. There were batman designs, tigers, cats, princess tiaras and much more. The kids enjoyed it. Smiles on their faces mad it all better. We were having such a good time the grown ups were even dancing. We had our official DJ LoPro come and hit us up with some oldies and new joints...But the through it all i think we got the real message across..(EAT LOCAL BUY LOCAL)...Help Save our earth...Compost Properly...and give our friendly earth a helping hand. WE here at Growing Green are happy with the outcome.....AWESOME>>>>>>>: )

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