Art group

Art Group

About us:
Our group in my expression is the only group that I know that can combine things and create it as a drawing to Growing Green to support Map and for me in this group I want to help and make this group more Creative and lots of team work.
Um the things that we do as an example today were making a poster for Be Vocal Eat Local and want the picture to look like a person would look at it as a place to bring others to or to hang out and have fun.This poster that were making its really not hard but have only a couple weeks to finish it and I think with me in this group I can figure out a faster way and Making this group very Artistic.

Why This Group Was What you wanted:

I wanted this group because the skill that I have and Learned threw out the years in many art classes and the way people and family/friends comment my pics and the way I create them.Art has follow threw me since 2nd grade.I picture me as a artist everyday and being with good people around me.When the time I heard Art I voted for this group,I made shore I can do anything to be in this group because I know this Job is for me and I wanted to show my group and my job you have a very talented Employee.

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