Hey every body It's me Lina. I'm tell all of you what is going to be going on Jan 26-27. We are going to Syracuse to present our Chili Starter and tell theme how we got started and what we had to go through to get where we are now. Like I said were going to Syracuse for a Conference and we are going to have our own conference room just for us so we can talk about what we do. The NOFA conference is about Building the Farm Economy around Local Foods. NOFA stands for National Organic Farming Association of New York Inc. The purpose of it is to get people to buy local and help support local farms. Also the conference provides topnotch learning opportunites with expert farmers, reserchers and passionate food advocates.We are telling people about our product and telling them how we got started and what kind of process we had to go through to get it right. Also to get the ingredients label and other things. The other topics that will be going on there is Growing Organic Crops, Building Sustainable Communities,Raising Organic Livestock& Dairy, Building An Organic Farming Business, Teen Conference, Child Conference. The people that are presenting from Growing Green are Edwin, Rodney, Crisma, Zoe. To find out more about the conference go to www.nofany.org