MAP's Mobile Market Takes to the Streets

Keep a look out for the Buffalo Grown Mobile Market now traveling to sites on the East and Westsides of Buffalo. It carries fresh locally grown produce and bulk rice and lentils, all organic and cheap too. We will also be offering seedlings for your own home garden for a limited time. Check back for updates about schedule and locations. And keep your eyes peeled and shop for yummy local veggies grown by youth on the Growing Green Youth Farm.

Good News! Sanjoy stopped laser beaming the interns, so now we can get to work on the Mobile Market!

As you can see, the Mobile Market is up and running after some set backs, and we're off to serve local neighborhoods with limited or no access to fresh, affordable foods.

Howdy blogosphere!

This is LD, summer intern and Green Team extraordinaire! Along with my five friends, I will be helping out around the farm, the MAP offices, and in various aspects of Growing Green this summer!

Let's get to know some of the cool interns that'll be around this summer:

Becky Miller - Houghton College

Becky is our cook and will be assisting with snack preparation and helping the team that is in charge of lunch that week with recipes, shopping, and preparation.

Bryan Overland - Houghton College

Bryan is a farm hand and will be assisting Jesse with special projects on the farm including the new aquaponics system as well as working with a small group.

James O'Dea - Indiana University

James is helping coordinate our big event of the summer Be Vocal Eat Local as well as assist Diane, our executive director.

Jeff Andersen - Houghton College

Jeff is also a farm hand and will help Jesse and Bryan with the aquaponics system on the farm and also lead a small group.

Laura Day - Houghton College

That's ME! I'm in charge of the outreach group, documenting the summer and also taming the white board. I'll also work with a group of y'all to get growing green!

Rachel Pszonak - Gordon College

Rachel is helping organize the Mobile Market, making sure that we have fresh veggies to sell to our friends and neighbors. She will also be leading a small group.

I am super excited to be working with y'all on this summers projects, which are looking pretty awesome by the way. Any seafood lovers out there? Well you're in luck, because Jesse built us a fantastic aquaponic system with about 1,200 Tilapia fish in a 1,500 gallon tank, over which are two beds of water cress. Sounds weird, huh?

Check the sweet graphic below.

Basically, the fish eat algae, then the plants use nutrients from the fish waste and filter the water at the same time. Yummy! There will be more details on this project and others (think worms working and tall trellises) later on in the summer, when we'll have a chance to hear from YOU, the summer crew!

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Thanks for visiting and I'm sure I'll see you again soon!



New Interns Blasted by Sanjoy's Laser Eyes During Orientation in the Greenhouse!

just kidding.. but really, it was intense. Now we're ready to go crazy this summer!

New pergola in the garden for grapes, peas and beans to grow up. In the background, interns preparing the liner for the new aquaponics system in the greenhouse.