Growing Healthy

Hi my name is Anabel Dieguez Ortega this is my first time working at Map. For the first couple of weeks we did alot of activities. During those we got to learn alot about each other and alot about the program. When we first worked at the farm we started our first compost piles for the farm. We harvested alot of fruits and veggtables and some eggs from our chickens.Wish we have sold them to restaurants and ate some at our fridat lounches. Some of the stuff we grow is sold at the farm stand in the neighborhood. I my self and others have worked for Lowes & Fishes wish is a soup kitchen that provides food for the less fortune. It felt really good to help others especially when they would say thank you. For the rest of the programs learned more about how to grow food and eat more local. So far this summer was a very good one and i hope to work here again sence I've learned alot. Growing Green it's a family that's one of the reasons why i would like to work here again. This has helped me to ear money to help my self and buy things that i really needed for school.