Meet MAP's New Markets Director

By Boncko Ba

MAP would like to introduce you to our new Markets Director. Her name is Danielle Rovillo. I am Boncko Ba and I interviewed her.

Boncko: Why did you want this position?
Danielle: I love gardening, love food, and I like working with youth.

Boncko: What’s your work background?
Danielle: I use to work at a pizzeria when I was younger, but now I have been working with a non-profit organization for 4 years.

Boncko: Where are you from?
Danielle: I am from Amherst near UB south campus.

Boncko: What’s your favorite vegetable?
Danielle: I like beets and Brussels sprouts.

Boncko:  What are your hobbies?
Danielle: I like gardening, paper crafting, and live music.

Boncko: What college or university did you go to?
Danielle: I went to UB for undergrad and masters. I also went to ECC.

Boncko: Do you like working with youth?
Danielle: Yes, I am very excited to work with youth. I was working with youth before this.

Boncko: Where did you work before you got this position?
Danielle: I was working at The Service Collaborative.

The MAP Your Future Program: Featuring Solamon

By Solamon Thang

I am going to achieve a good career, because I have good guidance, dreams, and determination. I have supportive friends and family, but not only friends and family, also teachers. MAP Your Futures Program is one of my guidance. I also have dreams and determination.

Having a lot of friends, family, and teachers who support you is a good thing. My mom is one of my family members who has always supported me. Since she have never went to school, it makes me want to become successful and achieve great things so she can be proud. I also have teachers who support me in my academic and future plans, for example my ESL teacher, Ms.Critoph. Ms. Critoph taught me the value of education.

MAP Your Futures Program is another guide for me. The program brings speakers from different careers to speak to MAP youth about the sacrifices they made to achieve their career goals. Their words showed me the value of determination and offered me guidance. By listening to the speakers, I came to realize the things I should focus more on and what are things I need to give up and stop doing.

I have many dreams and I am determined to achieve them. First, I want to finish high school as one of the top 10 students in my school.  Then, I want to go to college to become a doctor. After college, I want to earn a lot of money for my family, and then after earning enough money for my family, I want to travel around the world and help other people who are in need.

By having good guidance, dreams, and determination, I will achieve a good career. I have friends, teachers, and family who support me. I also have guidance, the MAP Your Futures Program being one of them.

MAP Youth Tour Modern Landfill

February 17th, MAP toured Modern Corp's landfill
By Serge Muharareni

Landfills have pros and cons just like everything else. Landfills are places where trash and garbage are disposed. Many people have concerns about the effects of landfills. MAP is taking a trip to Modern Corporation’s landfill and H2Gro Greenhouses to see how they operate.

As you know a landfill is a place where trash is disposed. Landfills are used for waste management. Landfills are also used for recycling. Some landfills are called sanitary landfills and are isolated from the environment to prevent any dangerous emissions.

Landfills raise many concerns. People worry that they are not safe and can affect human health. People are afraid that the gas emissions from landfills will lead to air pollution. Ground water pollution is another thing that scares them. Everyone wants a healthy neighborhood and that is why some people are concerned about landfills.

MAP is going on a field trip to Modern Corporation’s landfill and H2Gro Greenhouses on February 17th. The trip will help MAP youth understand what goes on in the landfill.  We will talk about how the methane (gas that escapes from the landfill) is trapped through pipes.  The methane is very beneficial in terms that it is useful in greenhouses; inside, methane is converted into electricity.

Modern's H2Gro Greenhouse is heated by electricity generated by methane gas.

As I have mentioned earlier, landfills are not only bad but also beneficial.  MAP is planning a field trip to Modern Corporation to see how it operates.  The trip will allow us to understand the possible positive and negative effects of landfills on the environment.