Meet MAP's New Markets Director

By Boncko Ba

MAP would like to introduce you to our new Markets Director. Her name is Danielle Rovillo. I am Boncko Ba and I interviewed her.

Boncko: Why did you want this position?
Danielle: I love gardening, love food, and I like working with youth.

Boncko: What’s your work background?
Danielle: I use to work at a pizzeria when I was younger, but now I have been working with a non-profit organization for 4 years.

Boncko: Where are you from?
Danielle: I am from Amherst near UB south campus.

Boncko: What’s your favorite vegetable?
Danielle: I like beets and Brussels sprouts.

Boncko:  What are your hobbies?
Danielle: I like gardening, paper crafting, and live music.

Boncko: What college or university did you go to?
Danielle: I went to UB for undergrad and masters. I also went to ECC.

Boncko: Do you like working with youth?
Danielle: Yes, I am very excited to work with youth. I was working with youth before this.

Boncko: Where did you work before you got this position?
Danielle: I was working at The Service Collaborative.

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