Hey you fellow bloggers, its Carisma again. How have you been since I talked to you last. We’ve all been fine here at Growing Green Works. Today we got some really great news. Zoe told us that instead of paying $795 per label for both of our labels; we would only have to pay $95. This Lady named Wendy Hess said she would do this process called Computer Generated Nutrition Analysis. The other more expensive process is called Laboratory Analysis. I know it sounds great to do the latter because it is cheaper and would cost us less money. However there are some problems with the Computer Generated Nutrition Analysis. The main problem is it does not analyze the ingredients thoroughly; it just gives the basic facts of what is in the product. This is a problem because it puts a limit on what we can and can not say. One of the things we can’t say is it is healthy. That is a big problem because the name of our salsa is Sano which means healthy in Spanish. This means we are going to have to change the name of our salsa. When you think about it, this is not such a big problem considering we haven’t put our salsa out in stores yet. On the other hand we are allowed to say that our product contains organic ingredients, and super foods, which is good for the body. We also can say our product contains no artificial preservatives and is gluten free. I guess it really is not all that bad, and we do save $700 per product for both of our products. That $700 is money that we are going to need in the future.

Well I have to go I’ll ttyl :-)