Hi Bloggers its Anthony and Adriana here from Growing Green! Earth day is our blog topic this week. Earth day was established nationally by US Senator Garland Nelson to inspire and appreciate the earth's natural environment. We at Growing Green celebrate earth day every day-I mean really is there a day that we shouldn't appreciate the earth? The fact is that many people don't think about the environment, and how what we do has a huge impact on it. People should think of the environment and try to support its health, our future as inhabitants depends on it. We talked about how the earth is like a space ship, we all are on it and we cant go anywhere else if we trash it so we need to work together to think about how to make it healthy. How should we do that? Here are a couple things that we at Growing Green do to help support the environment.
  • We grow food in our community and work to get local food into our city as much as possible through our farm stands, mobile market and CSAs-thats where you can buy direct from a local farm--all these things = less transporting of food acorss long distances=uses more gas (non-renewble resource) and pollutes the atmosphere and adds to global warming.
  • We support local farms that are more diverse and chemical free. They often produce more per square foot than most industrial sized farms and care more about the quality of food and how its grown, plus they are businesses so if you want to support the economy dont forget to support local farms.
  • We grow organically and use creative ways to grow food that produces more on our half acre urban farm. We grow aquaponically, we compost and practice chemical free pest control methods so we arent poisoning our food or the land.
  • We talk to everyone about supporting fair food access, which is important because we have a lot of people who cant afford to eat healthy and dont have places to get it in their neighborhood. If they cant get healthy food its harder for them to have a fair chance to grow healthy and become tomorrows leaders.
  • Try to find connections between people who need healthy food and people who grow it-a smaller food system is more local is healthier for the planet. A healthy food system can help heal land that has been stripped and protects our water, soil and animals.
Our earth is important and we dont have to chose between having what we need and trashing the planet. Some people think that way--their kind of stuck in their minds. You can get involved and do the earth a big favor by BEING VOCAL & EATING LOCAL!!!