hi friends, this is Hodan Hussein from growing green works, the enterprise group. This past Saturday we had a sale promotion at Buffalo Seminary School and it really went well. We made over $300 and we had tastings of our upcoming salad dressing try outs. the feedback from people from people that it tasted very good; they want it in stores now.
Unfortunately we lost the water privatization debate against the outreach group (46 to 43) ;(. Too bad but there will be others . Now we are working on the costing for the salad dressing and we are looking for cheap prices of olive oil, dijon mustard, maple syrup, and cider vinegar.
Hello, this is Sammy and I am from the business group. Last Thursday, our group participated in the break even lesson teaching us the number side to business and for our new product. Our new product is going to be a new salad dressing-made with local apple cider. We learned how to calculate the fixed and variable costs and how to figure out how many units we have to sell to cover our costs and then to make a profit, which any business needs to run a successful business. This week our group learned about a way to teach eachother skills and information called "Each One Teach One". It was used by the civil rights groups, such as Black Panthers Party to teach people in neighborhoods about the history of Africans and how to organize for rights. Next week our group, along with two other groups are going to battle head to head in a debate about water privatization. Should water be privatized or not what do you think???
Hello, this is Adrianna and i am in the business group. Today we did a practice debated about Buffalo Public Schools getting a half hour break during school. Next Thursday the outreach and business group are having a debate about water privatization.
We are finding prices of jars for our new coming salad dressing. Also the costs of the ingredients for our recipe. On Thursday, November 20th Tim from Lexington Coop Market and Tamar from push Buffalo is coming to tell the business group about start a business of our own.
Hello friends this is Ashley sitting here with the business group writing our first blog together. We are going to talk about this weekends peace fair. Me and Hodan worked the peace fair we sold about 42 jars of our products. We met a lot of nice people who support the cause. Last Thursday we gave a survey on three potential salad dressings we had a maple cinnamon Dijon mustard blend, a apple cider balsamic vinegar blend and a black pepper honey mustard blend.The youth seemed to like the maple cinnamon Dijon mustard blend. Look for it soon in a store near you.
Hi my name is Cory Williams and i and 17 and currently working for Growing Green. When i first started working here i thought i was gonna be working in a garden, basically playing in dirt all day. the sun was gonna be blazing on us and we were gonna be bored with this job. So far I have met some great people like Zowie. Zowie is my core group leader and is my greatest influence in being involved. I am usually involved but I am kinda seeing myself as being a leader. this is one of the best jobs i ever had. i have worked at a Bar dish washing and it was horrible. I wash enough dishes at home to try and wash dishes as a job. So far i really like this job and would like to continue working for Growing Green. Through this job i have found a great family and wonderful friends.
Hey friends it's Ashley giving a shot out to growing green youth. This summer each group had to teach a weeks worth of lessons on a specific topic and we got the topic of environmental stewardship, sustainability, and the green economy. We are teaching our lessons through a movie ( thestoryofstuff.org ) , games and team based activities. We are having a personal challenge with recycling all the youth are to bring in their recyclable items and they will be weighed, and the person with the most stuff in weight will win a prize. we are also having an recycling egg hunt and even numbers dodge ball. So see you if i survive the week and the dodge ball.

Environmental Stewardship- is the process of taking care of the earth by not only talk but action

Sustainability- is a characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely (to be able to support oneself on ones own land)

Green Economy- is a rapidly growing billion-dollar sector that includes renewable energy sources, organic produce and products, green buildings, alternative fuel vehicles, and more.
Whats up blogger this is Amanda and Tia we are new members of the growing green program.So far we have learned about growing green works business group. This summer we are making a new product. The new product we are making is going to be a salad dressing its going to be better then ever. We are having a famous chief come out on Wednesday the 23 and show us the procedure on how to make the salad dressing.

What's up everyone? A couple of weeks ago we went to see MOS DEF talk about contemporary issues in popular culture. I think it was May 1st. We (Natasha and Uniqua, Jesse, Erin and Zoe) went to Buffalo State College to hear him speak and take questions from students and the community. Bakari Kitwana, from Rap Sessions, started off asking MOS questions about the influence of media on society, on youth and other issues that we face today. He was really comfortable talking in front of everyone and pretty funny. We were hoping to listen, maybe ask a question about youth leadership and give him a t-shirt. Zoe asked him a question about what books he thought were good reads for youth today. He said some good books were the Biography of Malcolm X, Biography of Assada Shakoor, and a few others. He gave some advice to people about how the media is too influential over the ideas people have and politics. It was a pretty decent talk. The best part is after he finished talking he took a picture with our T-shirt!!!!!! So everyone take a look and be jealous!!!! Peace
whats up bloggers this is Angel from growing green works, the youth enterprise. I'm here to talk about our product launch at Wegman's Natures Market Place to promote our products the Amazing Chili Starter and Super Duper Salsa. This launch will be held on Saturday June 14, 2008 at the Wegman's on Amherst Street. At this event we will present our products to Wegmen's customers, offering samples and talking our program Growing Green. This event is a big deal for us because it is our first time working with a large scale distributor like Wegman's. Just to give you an idea they are the 3rd largest retailer in the United States. We worked for several mouths to get the approval to have the opportunity to sell our products and are so happy that the moment has finally come. Please come out and support us if you have the chance.

Hello friends this is Ashley I'm here to give you some Great news!
WE WON $100,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Massachusetts Avenue Project won the 21st Century Fund $100,000 grant to help fund our up and coming Community Food Resource Center and Rise Up Cafe, which will be located In the Grant-W. Ferry area. The cafe will not only house Growing Green and Food Ventures but it will be where we store our mobile market. It will have a commercial kitchen and it will sell fresh vegetables at affordable prices. We'll be able to test making new products in our fabulous new commercial kitchen! We are so excited to have won this year. Last year we were the runners up and this year we WON Yay us!!!!!!!!!!

On another note we would like to congratulate the other finalists on their great project ideas.

To the people who voted for us thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!
See you at the Rise Up Cafe,

Hey fellow bloggers, it's me Carisma. Today we went to the most wonderful place on earth. The place I'm talking about is Choco Logo down town. Yes you've guessed it, Chocho Logo is a chocolate factory. You have also found my weakness, I am in love with chocolate. If I could I would marry Chocolate.
Choco Logo has the best chocolate. We went there for a tour and had a taste test. First we tasted Hershey's chocolate. Compared to the chocolate we tasted afterwards the Hershey chocolate was no contest. The Hershey's is not a high grade chocolate. IT had a funny after taste that I had never tasted before. I grew up eating Hershey's Chocolate and now after going to Choco Logo I feel like I don't want to eat Hershey's again. The Chocolate at Choco Logo just melts in your mouth and is so good. It is rich and creamy and you can taste all of the flavors that is put into the chocolate. My favorite piece was the truffle. It had the most delicious inside, and this really thin outer layer of chocolate that melted in my mouth as soon as I put the truffle in my mouth. As we were leaving I asked the man who had given the tour about these chocolate bars I had seen. They had a pack of chocolate candy bars, one bar for each day of the week. I said I was going to go back and Buy that box, maybe four, one for every day of the month. I also happened to see candy bars that looked like greeting cards. I told Zoe, Ashley, Angel, and Travis to buy one of the candy bars that said Congratulations on it because I am graduating.
Hey what's up peeps? Just wanted to give a shout out to all the growing green youth. Urban agriculture is not just a hobby its a way of life. The revolution will be cultivated.
Hello readers how's it going this is Ashley with the Business Group here to tell you what has been up with us. Growing Green is working on the Mobile Market we are trying to figure out which of the four groups with be doing which jobs including accounting, cleaning, cooking, the skits about healthy eating, and other stuff like inventory. We are deciding on prices.

WE MAY BE COMING TO A SITE NEAR YOU......................................

Thanks for reading and please stay toned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey fellow bloggers, it's Carisma. I know we always talk about business, but today I want to talk to you about something that is bothering me. The thing is right now I am a senior in high school. I should be happy, everyone is happy when they finally become a senior. When you're a senior people look up to you and you seem to have respect that you have never had before right? Well the problem isn't with high school, it's what happens after high school is over. When I graduate I have to either go to college or get a job or do both at the same time. All while I was in high school I didn't have to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, because I was just a kid. I could dream as long as I wanted to and no one could tell me not to, after all I had a right to dream about the future. Now it seems like everyone is telling me to choose one of those dreams I used to have when I was a kid, and the problem is I can't. I can see myself doing all kinds of things. Now I see myself being a doctor or either owning my own business, but then a part of me wants to be an advertising executive. By tomorrow I'll probably want to be an astronaut and travel to Mars. I am so confused at what to do. Another thing is what people expect me to be, I don't want to let anyone down. When I was about ten my dad would tell me I was going to be a scientist when I got older, my teachers thought I was going to be a news Castor, and my mom told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. My mom was the only one telling to choose my career and not listen to others, although I wish she had have told me because, I would have listened and not be so mixed up as I am right now. I don't know what I want to do, which is why I applied to all of my colleges as undecided. I need help and a little more time wouldn't hurt.
Your fellow blogger,

Hello fellow bloggers I am Travis from the Growing Green youth enterprise group. Yesterday Ashley a fellow worker did her "Each One Teach One" where she taught the rest of the business group how to properly conduct research on the web. I think the 3 main things we learned are. 1) When your using a search engine use key words instead of whole sentences. 2) Make sure that the website you are researching is credible and has accurate information. Anyone with access to a server can put material on the web; there are no controls on what people choose to write. as a result, web pages should be viewed with even more caution than most print material. Here are some things you should look for, A) domain appropriate?(.edu .com . gov. ex.)
B) Any evidence of recent updating contents.
C) If the website has its own search engine.
3)Use the "cached" button located at the bottom of the webpage to see your search words highlighted in your search results.
We also learned more about accounting and keeping track of our own personal finances. We filled out monthly expenses sheets with our personal expenses, like food, cds clothes etc. I think that it is important to keep track of your finances closely. This way you know exactly what you are making and exactly what you are spending, saving you time instead of trying to do it all in your head or not do it at all.
Hey fellow bloggers it's Carisma. I know I haven't been on in a while but I've been busy. Today I come to you for your help. The youth business group is doing research and development to find a new product. We started out with a whole list of potential products but our Determining aspects helped us to narrow our choices down to three. These three products are a salad dressing, an apple sauce, and a jam. These three products meet all of our requirements. Our requirements are the product has to be cost efficient, at least 20-40% local as well as organic, and of course it has to be a food. That's what we're all about here, food that tastes great and is great for you. Our other determining aspects are When are the ingredients in season , how frequently is it used, the shelf life/ storage, marketing/ nutrition, is it too much like our other products, will our target market buy it and what will they pay, where and when can it be sold, can we manufacture it, and our potential profit that will be made off of the product. The most important of the aspects is, is it in line with our philosophy. I know it's a lot to think about, and believe me our heads were hurting afterwards. The good thing is we now know more of what we would like to make, although we could use a little help. What we need from you is to help us decide what our new product should be. If you could tell us what you think that would really help us out a lot, and if you could think of a better product that meets our determining aspects please let us know. We would really appreciate it.
Your fellow blogger,

HI Everybody Zoe here. Just wanted to let you know that we are going on a best practice tour in mid-March to look at other urban agriculture programs and get some ideas for our Mobile Market and Rise Up Cafe.

 We are going to Logan Square, in Chicago and Growing Power, in Milwaukee. We took a visit to Growing Power a few years ago and they are amazing! They grow Talapia fish and plants in harmony. The fish waste feeds the plants and the plants filter fresh water for the fish. They also have gotten into the business of farming worm castings. Its some of the best compost around and sells and a premium price. Here are some pics from our last trip.

We'll see you guys when we get back . . with pictures.


nutrition facts label

Hey what's up this is Ashley writing to you. We have just got our nutrition facts label and our UPC label so we are coming up with a new label to put on our jars. We have to get these labels because some stores, the big ones, won't sell your products with out them. We're tryin to get in the big time, like sellin at Wegmans and Tops, here we come! They might look different but there still the same product you have come to know and love. We also sell our products at the winter market every other Sunday from 1pm-4pm. we are doing great!

thanks for listening

Hey this is Angel from Growing Green Works.I'm here to tell you about our new product, they are Chico Bags. We sell them for $5 each and are colorful, collapsible and they are good for the environment. The Chico Bags better the environment because instead of using plastic bags and they don't break down, you can just use your Chico Bag when you go shopping or you just need a bag. We also will be selling them with our other products at the winter market and other places. the money we make on these bags goes to pay for our Mobile Market, which is a produce store on wheels that will go all over Buffalo. It's a supermarket that comes to you kinda like an ice cream truck. We are doing this because some of the neighborhoods that don't have a supermarket near them could buy the fresh produce that we have to offer. It also has another propose and that is to educate the people on how to eat healthy and how food effects our lives.
peace Angel

hey what up? this is Ashley sitting down to write whats going on. we have 2 new recruits joining the business group at Growing Green, Travis and Chanell. Here is one now to write how is first day was.
Travis: "The first day was good, i had fun. We played a game and it was mostly about the rules, you know the basic orientation. I learned about "Each One Teach Ones," where we teach for a day, and that we had points to earn by working cooperatively in order to get to go onto "trips". We need 35 points in order to go on a trip. We can go sledding or to Lasertron or some other place. I'm game."