Hello friends this is Ashley I'm here to give you some Great news!
WE WON $100,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Massachusetts Avenue Project won the 21st Century Fund $100,000 grant to help fund our up and coming Community Food Resource Center and Rise Up Cafe, which will be located In the Grant-W. Ferry area. The cafe will not only house Growing Green and Food Ventures but it will be where we store our mobile market. It will have a commercial kitchen and it will sell fresh vegetables at affordable prices. We'll be able to test making new products in our fabulous new commercial kitchen! We are so excited to have won this year. Last year we were the runners up and this year we WON Yay us!!!!!!!!!!

On another note we would like to congratulate the other finalists on their great project ideas.

To the people who voted for us thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!
See you at the Rise Up Cafe,

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