Hello fellow bloggers I am Travis from the Growing Green youth enterprise group. Yesterday Ashley a fellow worker did her "Each One Teach One" where she taught the rest of the business group how to properly conduct research on the web. I think the 3 main things we learned are. 1) When your using a search engine use key words instead of whole sentences. 2) Make sure that the website you are researching is credible and has accurate information. Anyone with access to a server can put material on the web; there are no controls on what people choose to write. as a result, web pages should be viewed with even more caution than most print material. Here are some things you should look for, A) domain appropriate?(.edu .com . gov. ex.)
B) Any evidence of recent updating contents.
C) If the website has its own search engine.
3)Use the "cached" button located at the bottom of the webpage to see your search words highlighted in your search results.
We also learned more about accounting and keeping track of our own personal finances. We filled out monthly expenses sheets with our personal expenses, like food, cds clothes etc. I think that it is important to keep track of your finances closely. This way you know exactly what you are making and exactly what you are spending, saving you time instead of trying to do it all in your head or not do it at all.


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