Hey fellow bloggers, it's me Carisma. Today we went to the most wonderful place on earth. The place I'm talking about is Choco Logo down town. Yes you've guessed it, Chocho Logo is a chocolate factory. You have also found my weakness, I am in love with chocolate. If I could I would marry Chocolate.
Choco Logo has the best chocolate. We went there for a tour and had a taste test. First we tasted Hershey's chocolate. Compared to the chocolate we tasted afterwards the Hershey chocolate was no contest. The Hershey's is not a high grade chocolate. IT had a funny after taste that I had never tasted before. I grew up eating Hershey's Chocolate and now after going to Choco Logo I feel like I don't want to eat Hershey's again. The Chocolate at Choco Logo just melts in your mouth and is so good. It is rich and creamy and you can taste all of the flavors that is put into the chocolate. My favorite piece was the truffle. It had the most delicious inside, and this really thin outer layer of chocolate that melted in my mouth as soon as I put the truffle in my mouth. As we were leaving I asked the man who had given the tour about these chocolate bars I had seen. They had a pack of chocolate candy bars, one bar for each day of the week. I said I was going to go back and Buy that box, maybe four, one for every day of the month. I also happened to see candy bars that looked like greeting cards. I told Zoe, Ashley, Angel, and Travis to buy one of the candy bars that said Congratulations on it because I am graduating.

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