Why is MAP important to you?

MAP is important to me because you get to learn how to do hands on activities such as digging in the Youth Garden and pulling plants we don’t need up. This has taught me to respect my environment and community. ~ Adian

What I do at MAP is important to me because I work with people who are my age, or older, and will do good things in the community. It has changed me in many ways, like planning so I will be on time for work, eating healthy and learning how to be a better citizen. The opportunities that I have working here is to know more and learn more about our community, food and how to make healthy food choices.~ Myo

MAP is important to me because we set a positive precedent engaging youth in a serious and professional way. MAP not only partners with youth, but employs us in work that makes our future better in a significant way. I’ve had the opportunity to see UB speakers, travel to conferences and even participate in the People’s Climate march in Washington, DC. I’ve become a better speaker, writer and ambassador for the areas that affect me and my life.~ Birch