Hello my name is Esmeileen Vazquez, I am one of the new additions to the YOUTH ENTERPRISE group for M.A.P & Growing Green.
I am 15 years old and i am attending my Sophmore year at Riverside High .
-Working with M.A.P is fun and its helping me develope my social skills, i get to work with other youth my age and we chill and work but its fun.

So while iv been here iv made many friends,I do inventory,sales and this DA BLOG.I enjoy my job and the time i spend here.I learn many things and this gives me great future experiences.Today we talked about our up coming events.such as OUR TURKEY BASH.Even thought this is my first blog i am in the process of kinda... figuring out how this works.LOL...But hey I just did so.Good Bye for now.I hope to write again.With the help of my handy dandy notebook.Jordan.Thanks.

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