Ms. Lorna's Public Speaking Tips

Ms. Lorna is an amazing woman.  She came to MAP two times to teach us about public speaking.  The second time she came, she gave us some tips for speaking in front of people, today or in the future.

To start, Ms. Lorna made us choose cards and asked us to practice reading the cards.  After we practiced reading the cards, she asked each and every one of us to present the card we chose in front of everyone else.  After everyone was done with their practice speeches she gave us some tips.

Ms. Lorna told us that we should stand still and not move around, keep our chins and chests up, and speak LOUD.  After that Ms. Lorna told us she wanted us to present our cards again, but to use the tips she had taught us.  We practiced reading the cards a second time, and Ms. Lorna told each of us what we needed to work on.

In conclusion, I learned many things from Ms. Lorna.  I can use her tips and the advice she gave me for public speaking now and in the future.  Ms. Lorna, I think you are a great person and I think everyone will listen to your advice.  Thank you.

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