MAP Youth visit Blue Hill Farm and Native Offerings

The dairy farm field trip was interesting. We saw different series of cows and how the milk are taken from the cow and stored in a big container. We also went to the farm where vegetables and crops were grown, such as cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes. We learned about about how the food gets from the farm to the city!
~Peter M

We went to native offerings and learned about produce and looked at their farmland and saw what they were growing. We learned about how they grew everything.
Blue Hill was really fun. We saw cows and a really really cute farm cat. The baby cows were really cute and we learned about how we managed the cows.
~Frances W

When the MAP youth visited Blue Hill dairy farm, I know I enjoyed myself immensely. We took a tour of the farmlands, saw cows, petted cows, and met an awesome barn cat. It was radical, and it took all my effort to not steal the cat.
~Gabriel C

So last week we went to a farm and I learned how the yogurt and cheese is made and how they collect the fruit and vegetable. I found out that cows on a farm are cool to have.
~Daniel S

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