Hi everybody it Jordan and Natasha. Today in the business group we learned about marketing & promotions-meaning how to let people know what your business is selling. We had to create our Marketing plan for next year so we had to think about who would buy our products and how we would communicate with them. We brain stormed about many different marketing techniques used today like direct mailing, public events, logos on clothing and packaging, Bill boards, T.V. Commercials, Brochures, News Paper Ads., movies, celebrity endorsements, cell phone texts, magazines and more. We learned about color theory, symbols and getting a message through to an audience--our customers. Next we had to think about who our audience is and what groups of people would most likely buy our products. Just to name a few we thought: People that support local food, youth-run businesses, urban agriculture, healthy food addicts. These are just some of the supporters we came up with. We can not wait to learn a whole lot more.

This Friday we will be going on a trip to one of Buffalo's LOCAL FARMS.


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